CD Player under $1k

I'm new to the 'boutique' world of audio equipment and I'm already hooked! Please bear with me regarding a few 'newbie' questions. I'm quite happy with my entry-level 5.1 system, but I'm looking to complete the system with various components (i.e. CD player, vinyl player, etc).
I’m looking for a CD player (Not SACD) under $1,000.

Recommendations by local dealers included NAD 565, Vega Apollo-R, Audiolab 8200CD, MOON 230D (previously CD .5) and Musical Fidelity M3CD. If anyone knows any other brands that I didn’t mention within that $1k price range, please add. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me at

Current system:
Golden Ear Super Sat 50 System
• 2 Super Sat 50s
• 1 Super Sat 50c
• 2 Super Sat 3s
• 1 Forcefield 4 subwoofer
Marantz SR-6006
Audioquest (Vodka, Diamondback) cables
I'd opt for the Rega if you don't care about SACD. Excellent US service organization, something that may be an issue with certain products made outside the US.
If you can find one: Arcam Alpha 9 (with DCS ring dac)....around $800 used, was $1,600 new. The single best dollar for dollar audio component I've ever come across.
OPPO BDP-95 which lists for $995

or its upcoming replacement the BDP-105 which will list for $1199

Either unit will play anything (CD, DVD-A, SACD, etc.) and sound exceptionally good doing it.
If you can find a TEAC PDH-600, grab it. The guys at Esoteric sprinkled some fairly dust on it and it sounds quite nice.

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Agree on the Teac PD-H600, which can now be found for under $600 new...
One that you will not hear spoken about that I took a chance on after reading a review of it in HiFi World is the XTZ CD 100 Divine .

I moved the XTZ CD 100 into a system where I had been using a Rega Apollo for a number of years. To be honest, I have not experienced much of a difference.

Cost is $600 new direct from the manufacturer. Email the company and you will deal with the company president directly. Norwegian designed player, manufactured in China.

Review 1

Review 2

I put my vote in for the meridian 508.24 awesome sounding CD player
The Oppo 95 kills anything under $1,000. It'll play anything and it has wifi music streaming on top of all that. You might even find a used one now that it's being replace with a newer model.
Marantz SA8004 CD/SACD player with digital input so you can use its excellent DAC with other digital sources.
Ejlif: I also had a Meridian 508.24. The Arcam Alpha 9 is the better value.