CD Player to replace my granite 657

Hello Im looking to upgrade my Granite 657 player in the 5000 dollar high limit price range .. I have a Halcro MC-50 Amp with a SSP-100 pre-pro with AZ adagio speakers AZ Satori speaker cables .. I know there is alot of great press for the granite just wondering if i can upgrade for this amount ...
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I am blown away by my Raysonic 168 with cryoed NOS tubes from ASITubeman. It's less than $3K. See Underwood HiFi ad pn Agon. FYI my previous player was a Bluenote Stibbert Mk II ($5K)!
TY Tweak 1 and the raysonic is better than your Bluenote was??
I have the Granite as well and like it very much . I don't have much experience listening to other equipment though .
I can only compare it to AA Prima , no contest the Granite is far superior , and to top of the line Cary . The Cary was not in my system , it sounded good but not better .

I was waiting to see if another member would chime in here . You might send "Trelja" an email and ask him your question . He has far more listening experience than I and owns the Granite .

I would be interested in what you find to replace the Granite .

Good luck .