CD Player to match with ARC and B&W 802 Martix

I'm looking to upgrade from a Rega Planet (original) and would like advise on the best match for the Audio Research 100.2, ARC LS-15 pre-amp and 802 Series III Matrix.
An excellent match and excellent player would be the ARC CD-2, available used at very good prices lately. You'd probably be very happy with it.
There is a Theta miles cd player that was posted for sale today for 1,100 great deal for a great cd player it has an anologe volume control so you can run directly to you amp and bypass a preamp. But my first choice would be a MARK LEVINSON 39 Mind blowing detail. You can pick one of those up for around 3,000 good luck
Electrocompaniet 24/192 CD player. The best I've heard regardless of price. Not cheap, but can be had for around $3200.
YBA makes digital closer to analog than most players in it's class
My system is sort of like yours: ARC VT-100, LS-16, B&W Matrix 802's III.
I've tried Wadia 830, Levinson No.39 and Meridian 508.24.
The Meridian is my preference for overall musicality and soundstage.
Save yourself so money!!! Use the Planet as a transport and get an external DAC. I am currently using a MSB DAC III with my Rega planet and 802 Matrix III's. Real mellow combination. No listener fatigue.
I heard a new ARC CD3 today in an all ARC system with Wilson-Benesch Act Ones at a Dallas dealer, Audio Concepts. I didn't want to leave. Since they are new, not many, if any, used units around. I use a Linn Ikemi with a Plinius 8150 integrated the B&W Matrix 803s. I couldn't be happier (although I'd sure like to get those Act Ones into my system). Good luck.
Ditto to Joeldoss recommendation. I heard the
arc CD3 at an Audio Society meeting and even though you may need to buy new it is a good value. It has a new and very superior transport and does not require purchase of an external DAC. If you are willing to wait a few months, a demo or used one will almost surely show up on Audiogon.
I have ARC LS 2 and D200 and B&W Matrix 2's

the EVS Millenium II Dac is a wonderful unit. I am using it with a Cal Icon for transport (next upgrade) and have wonderful warm and revealing results (better than the $3500 ARC Dac 3 which I tested)

I have a LS-9 and D-130 setup and B&Ws 802 too I have a CALIFORNIA AUDIO LABS GENESIS CD player and it goes very well with the setup I have and I should go well with yours.Good Luck.