cd player to match Bryston B60 integrated

Waiting the arrival of a B60 integrated(circa 1997) I purchased hear on audiogon. Trying to see what options I have with a cd player if my current rig won't match. I have been using a Musical Fidelity X-Ray V3 w/ a tube buffer and the X-150 integrated with JM Labs 816s speakers. Nice sound but felt a little disconnected.

I always wanted a Bryston B60. I listen to Jazz and R & B at low to mediun levels.
I used a Arcam FMJ-CD23 with my B60P. It was a good combo. I still continue to use the Arcam with my BP-20P & 3B-ST amps and Spendor SP 2/2 speakers. I use all Synergistic Research cabling in my system.
The Naim CD 5i works great with the Bryston from my experience.
I second the Naim CD5i. Have one, love it!
A Sony XA20ES/777ES, with Element or Bryston cables.
Ah! Njoe Tjoeb with the following modifications
Siemens 7308
Tjoeb Shoes
AC cable

Has worked well along with a pair of Totem Arro speakers. Cables are Silver Sonic Revelation interconnects and Q-10 speakers