CD player to go with Simaudio I-7 integrated amp

This may have been discussed earlier but I have recently acquired a Simaudio I-7 integrated amp. Now I am in the search of a decent CD player which has balanced outputs. Of course the dealer where I purchased my amp at wanted me to go with the Supernova but I have to watch my budget after spending some serious $$$'s on the I-7. The speakers in my 2-ch setup currently are Dynaudio 72SE but I will be upgrading them in the future. My plans are to stay within the Dyn line as I love the sound coming out of their product. Since we are talking budgets, how about anything less than $2.5K which mates well with the mentioned Sim? Can anyone provide any advice on a CD player which will help me maintain my sanity?
I used to own the I-7 ,for my 3rd system and has moved on to something else.

I'm afraid your dealer is right,I think the supernova is the best mate for the I-7.

I think it is worth saving for the supernova if you plan to keep the I-7, and like the sound.That has been my experience atleast.
If you consider used the Meridian G08 matches well with simaudio and Dyns.
Going from what's available now on Agon that I've heard, and given it's with the i-7 (also familiar with), I would investigate:

Sony SCD-1 Super Audio CD player
Cary Audio 303/300
Ayre CX-7e
Bel Canto CD-2 player and transport

Of the above I would give a special nod to the Sony and the Ayre, since I've heard them with Sim gear before (but not the i-7). The SCD-1's main drag is that it's got slow load times, but it's a classic piece of kit and friggin gorgeous. It has balanced outputs, but you may want to investigate further if it's truly balanced, as I seem to remember, when I owned it, reading that it's not really balanced?
Thank you all for your responses. It is appreciated. I will try to get a look at most of the units being mentioned. The SuperNova was at the top of the list for its synergy with the I-7. I was fortunate to get a demo of that setup with the speakers I currently have and the audition to me was amazing. It is just that $6K is a whole lot of change at this point for the Nova. There has not been too much mention of Bryston's BCD-1. I wonder why? I guess maybe because it is fairly new.
Search BCD-1 for a previous thread with my comments on this unit. Also I strongly recommend visiting AudioCircle Bryston owners for several threads with extensive commentary on the sound of this CDP.
Thank you Twoleftears. Actually I was reading the comments on AudioCircle prior to receiving your response :) I also sent in an email to James Tanner at Bryston and he wants me to audition the player.
I had the I-7 with a Meridian G08 and loved it until I heard the Primare CD31. It blew me away! Stereophile got one right with this class "A" player. I'm now using it with the matching integrated the I-30. I don't miss the I-7. I bought both Primares new for what I got used for the I-7. I'm using a GamuT DI-150 right now and I'm loving it! I have my friends 150 and I also had it when I had the Meridian and the Primare just sounds so much better in all the audiophile "lingo" ways. Keep the I-7 and try the Primare and save money.
I previously was running a Meridian 506.24, and am now running an Ayre CX-7e, into my I5.

IMHO, the CX-7e is a far better match with the Sim. I can't imagine anybody who likes the Sim sound not liking the Ayre sound and vice versa - they have similar design philosophies and, in the end, similar sound characteristics. I just found that the Ayre was a better value than what Sim offers in that price class, which is the opposite of what I found when shopping for a used integrated amp.

To clarify though...Ayre is a bit more "airy" in the top end, and Sim does focus a bit more on a silky midrange. That's from my experience. Somewhat different, but similar enough that if you like one you're likely to enjoy the other as well.
Ayre is one I will be looking at. The Primare is really good stuff. Check the British reviews. I love this hobby and it's great to have a lot of freaks near by to move gear to different systems and rooms. Sharing is fun!