CD player to choose? : Lindemann or Audionet?

Interested to know which one you would pick -up as a great cd player. If not heard just give an opinion based on what you read around
I know the Lindemann - had some hype here in Germany. Auditioned it at Franfurt High End. It's a good but NOT a great player regarding what you get for the money. Don't know about the Audionet. But you should definitely look at Wadia, Linn, dCS or alike for great stuff.
Good luck!
you can choose Ah! Njoe tjoeb 4000 with Up sampler
I have owned the Lindemann for about 24 months and initially had some difficulty getting the sound that I wanted. As it turned out the unit is state of the art but only if used on a proper shelf such as the Finite Element, with proper ac filtering and only after removing the ferrite beads on the power supply cable from the external power supply. With these modest tweaks, it is state of the art, certainly for combined redbook/SACD playback. I do believe that there are better units if one wants only a single format.
the audionet vip is one of the best cd-player in the world
i can be happy to have one. very high solution extremly neutral. and best buy at this price. i heard the lindemann cd 1 se. is also brilliant but nothing compared to the vip.
the lindemann is great. The art is a tad better. BUT: There are rumors that AUDIONET is coming out with a new cd/dvd/sacd player in Germany and that this is better than both, the linn, dcs included. Supposed release this early fall - keep your ears open. Check