CD player to be use as a transport advice?

I am looking for a CD player that it can be use as a transport with my Hegel hd11, I was reading about the onkyo 7030 and others in the 600 dollars range new or used.
I would like to get an advice from members on similar situation or already being there.
Thank you so much.
Buon weekend
If that's your intention, focus on the quality of the CD drive. Focus on drives designed to minimize jitter. I don't know much about the Onkyo, although IME, Onkyo gear is very durable and rugged. I use an Oppo BDP-93 as a video, SACD and DVD-A player, and as a transport for CDs. The current model, the BDP-103 is in your price range.
Get a used BDP-93 and add the Vanity 93 module:

This will be hard to beat for less than $15K. This is more important than the DAC.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Hi Mountiansong, If you purchase a DIP from Monarcy audio you can play discs on anything that will send a optical or RCA digital signal out. Then from the DIP you can go out using rca or even better XLR! The DIP's are jitter stoppers/reclockers so the signal when it gets to the DAC will be awesome! Also, the DIP is only $150! Check it out, I spin a cd using a horrible little jvc desktop unit that is over 15 years old using a optical cable to the Monarcy DIP then out using a XLR cable to the MSB Nelson DAC....The sound... amazing :-)

Matt M
Steve, how would that compare to the same/similar Oppo player with your re-clocker?
The most simplistic CD transport you can get:-

Bel Canto CD3t.

Only AES and Digital Coaxial outputs.