CD player that out performs BAT VK-D5SE ?

I am listening to the BAT VK-D5SE player and I just love the BAT sound. Has anyone compare the BAT VK-D5SE and found a CD player that generates the same sound but with more in terms of transparency, low level detail, slam etc.
Accuphase dealer said that the current line of Accuphase will do this for me but he does not keep any Accuphase in stock so an audition cannot be done.
Please let me know.
Have anyone upgraded to BAT SUPERPAK ?
Can you please say what are the results.
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After having both the D5 and the D5SE I have to say it is a tough player to beat. I agree that the SE may lack that last bit of detail and resolution however it makes it up handily with musicality.

I moved on to a Levinson 390S which for my ears had all the BAT did with more detail and extended and tighter bass response.

After that I bit the bullet and went the Levinson 31.5 and 30.6 combo.

CD players/dacs/transports are like ice cream. All have their own flavor to add to the music. What's right for you only your ears will tell.

I haven't heard any of the Accuphase line of digital components so cannot comment.


Paul :-)
I have heard the VK-D5SE with superpak and it is quite a bit better than the "regular" 5SE. With the upgrade, I now think that this player can compete with any player at any price. Just comes down to taste and system synergy.
i owned a bat vk d5SE, and never really loved it. felt like it sounded congested at times, closed in, and not very transparent. maybe it wasn't paired with the right gear (logans and VAC amp), i was only using RCAs. but in any case, it was soundly beaten by a Wadia 860x, which in my opinion sounded like true hi-fi. i've since moved onto a VSE level 5 modded sony 9000 and i can say that it easily beats both the Wadia 860x and clearly the BAT as well.
Consonance Droplet 5.0 beats the BAT in all the categories you named...I owned the D5Se for years...BTW it costs half as much.