CD player suggestions under $700

Hello, I'm looking to purchase a new CD player to replace my old Nakamichi that is starting to get a little noisy with an internal hum and would like to get something with a more current DAC.  I listen to vinyl and stream most of the time and only play CD's about 10% of my listening time but do think many of my older AAD CD's sound better than streaming with my Bluesound Node 2i. 

I'll be pairing the CD Player up with a PS Audio Gain Cell and Vandersteen Treo's. 

Does anyone have any experience with the Music Hall c-dac 15.3? I'd also like recommendations for other CD players with onboard DAC's. 

Cambridge Audio AXC35
The Music Room has a Rotel with a Wolfson if you can move up to ~$600

At that price point strata, its a just a “pick one of ‘em ...” exercise. 
Emotiva ERC-4 also has a DAC for external devices, built like a tank very solid great sound
Thanks guys. All good suggestions. I’ve been a fan of Cambridge Audio and Rotel over the years. Emotiva is new to me and the balanced audio outputs has raised my interest. 
Rotel also has their RCD-1572 fitted with balanced outputs but getting up to the $1K range. 
What I’m not sure of is if a short 6’ run of balanced cable has much advantage over quality RCA cables. I have a 23’ run of balanced cables between my Preamp and Power Amp which I think is an advantage but question a 6’ run. I’ll need to research that.
Correction on my part. The cables between my Preamp and CD Player would only be 3’ so further raises the question if balanced cables would be an advantage over RCA interconnects. 
Thanks. The Marantz is on my list also. A few friends of mine have Marantz CD players and they sound great and are very well built.

Does anyone have any experience testing a short 3' run of balanced interconnects vs RCA interconnects from a source to Preamplifier and was there was a noticeable difference? 
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I tried it with a pair of AudioQuest King Cobra cables, I could hear no difference on my McIntosh based system
Thanks for the info on my cable question. I didn't expect there would be a noticeable difference with that short of a run. I appreciate the input.

Marantz released a new version of the CD6006 and is now a CD6007 with an updated DAC that looks like a very nice CD player for $600 and it was on What HiFi's list of top CD players for 2021 in the price range. Although I'm not sure just how much weight What HiFi carries on the forums. 

Rotel has a few nice CD Players in the $800-$1000 range also so I may be raising my budget before this is all over. 

At that price level, I would skip the CD player, and opt for a Denafrips Ares DAC with a 100 dollar DVD player with digital out....
Interesting thought that opens up another can of worms on all of the DAC's out there. Looks like the Ares II goes for about $1K. 
I think if I would go the DAC route I would select a less expensive CD player or CD transport as opposed to a cheap DVD player because I find the cheaper DVD players to have flimsy disc transports where the CD players have a better transport. Thanks.
OP I know that you asked for a CD player recommendation but have you considered getting a DAC?  If you prefer your CDs to Bluesound Node it may be the limiting factor is the DAC in the Node.  It may be that if you use your current player as a transport with a DAC and not have the hum, which may be in the output stage of your current player.  And a better DAC will make the Node much better, and you may just dispense with CDs altogether.
+1 mahler, a great option to consider. A DAC would serve your Node and whatever CD player as a transport you choose.
mahler123, you are correct that part of my interest in a new CD player is seeing what the new onboard DAC can do. I am currently running both my CD player and Node 2i through the DAC in my PS Audio Gain Cell Preamp that to my ears sounds better than the DAC's in the two devises. My original interest in the Music Hall C-DAC 15.3 was that it has a Burr- Brown DAC for the CD player and a second Wolfson DAC for digital inputs that I could try with the Node 2i. With that I could compare the DAC's in the Music Hall to the DAC in the PS Audio to see what I prefer. 
The suggestion from johnss about a new standalone DAC with a less expensive transport would take me down a similar route. 
I'm not sure what is causing the hum in the Nakamichi CD player but I've tried it with both the analog and digital outputs and with a few different cables and also on a different amplifier and the hum is unfortunately still there. It's been a great CD transport.

Likely needs recapped - power supply. Take it to a shop and see what it would cost as it will be a simple affair, mostly will be labor. CDP with a really good DAC with input for other sources is the Cambridge 851C. Great player and will punch way higher with a good power cord and change out both fuses. The DAC in the Cambridge will destroy the one in any Bluesound player... I own both as well.
adg101.. Thanks for the diagnosis on the Nakamichi CDP. I'll have to check into repair shops. 
That Cambridge 851C looks like a great CDP and with all of the additional digital inputs and balanced inputs and outputs also. Fully loaded.
Must be built like a tank at 22 lbs. Thank you.