CD player suggestions for Krell & Vandersteen

Inquiring about cd players that would mate well with a Krell KAV-300i integrated and Vandersteen 2C's. 

I'm looking for suggestions at two price points: 

$250 or less

Can be new or used, but I'm figuring used will give more options. 

I generally only listen to the CD titles that are not available in Tidal and was about to replace my old (JVC) CDP until I decided to try running it through my Schiit Modi Multibit. The improvement was significant enough that I changed the plan and kept them paired. Worth a try. 
@kalali- Good idea. I like Schiit products, have their Freya. Might consider one of their DACs and use the Oppo as a transport.

are you still using a Naim cd player?  Happy Listening!