CD player suggestions...

I'm in the market for a new CD player in the $600  - $800 range. Suggestions?


Big shout out for Audiolab 6000CDT. I've wasted tons of $$ on 6 CD players ending at Yamaha S2000 which uses their state of the art transport. This beauty broke down again after a year back from the shop. In desperation I bought Audiolab 6000 CDT with Nuprime DAC 9SE expecting to be disappointed .....HOWEVER, this combo out performed everything I've ever heard before including several OPPO units which are excellent unless compared with Audiolab 6000. That DAC is the wild card. I expect to upgrade big time ASAP. Separates are unbeatable. Previously owned Cambridge Audio, NAD all up the line, various OPPOs...GO SEPARATES!

Gonna be hard to get SEPARATES for under $800 (which was the stated budget), @allears4u .



Peterpetre: If your "range" can be stretched a little first get the Audiolab 6000 CDT then budget for DAC on the cheap until more $$ comes along because the Audiolab is top. DAC's are getting better all the time and you can upgrade that kit in time. (Both my units were open box from Audio Advisor but lots of sellers have similar deals) Personally I'm shocked how much better the Audiolab is than my $3500 Yamaha S2100. Not close and I hate myself for saying so. Thought I'd get Audiolab to tide me over until Yamaha got back from shop. Now I doubt I'll bother to send off Yamaha (which really kills me). ($$$$ ouch)  My idea that CD's didn't have the capability to sound much better has been challenged again.