Cd Player Suggestions


I am searching for a CD player.

My Lineup:

Proceed BPA 3 (fronts and center)
Rotel 965 ( surrounds only)
B&K Ref 50 Processor
Arcam 92T CD
Aerial cc3 Center
Aerial LR5 mains
MIT Cable throughout
63" Philips Plasma
I listen to Dave Mathews, Coldplay, U2, Pat Methany, Clapton, John Mayer. etc..along that genre
Lots of HD Sports too

So my issue is that the arcam 92t is bright, harsh, it is very accurate but gives up a certain warmth. I am looking to upgrade so i can have a warmer sound, but I dont want tubes. I would appreicate any input concearning a used $1200-1800 unit.
Thanks Hope I've given enough Info.

Plese relate any experinces that might be relevant
There are several used Bryston BCD-1 units currently advertised on the A'Gon at the upper end of your price range. They are phenomenal players. I've had mine about 4 months and I've never heard anything better. I can't imagine ever replacing it. Check out the reviews.
JAS MUSIK 1.2--Simply sounds beautiful!!!
What MIT cables are you using?

From my experience with them, they can be too bright in the wrong system but sound great in others.

I did not care for them much with more SS gear but like them best now with more tubes.

Before taking a big financial hit buying another CD, try DNM Reson ICs if you can find them used. These are warmer in comparison to MIT Terminator ICs I also use in my system and can take the edge off certain SS systems when needed.

Harmonic Technology Truthlink is another more neutral and less warm option I could recommend...more expensive also though.

Another option worth considering would be to keep the player but run it to a decent tube DAC. I took a similar course with my Denon player and an mhdt Paradisea...this was a fantastic $450 investment used.
I have no experience with it, but the Doge 6 certainly looks interesting, selling new at around the bottom of your price range:

-- Al
Thanks all,
I a using MIT shotgun S3 interconnects and speaker cables.
My other issue is my amp, I have a Proceed BPA 3 125 watts per. Great amp but underpowered for the Aerials LR5's. The Aerials have a low efficienty rated of 87 , So in effect I need more Power, As I weigh these two ugrades perhaps my more knowledable fellow Audiophiles could give me suggestions and and reccommendations on whats my next move. My budget on amps $2000-2500.I would like a 3 channel or a 5 channel.

I appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks
Interesting to see that recommendation for the JAS Audio Musik 1.2. This player doesn't come up as often as it should because it's a tremendous contender at its price, which falls right into your range. That's a new price, by the way, not a used one.
Naim cdx
When I read your original post, my initial reaction was to recommend an amp upgrade over the cd upgrade.

When I had a HT rig with Aerial 7b's, cc3 & their surrounds, I paired with a Sunfire 5 channel amp. Great value, smooth balance and incredible power reserves. You can probably get one used for a low price, and readdress the cd issue afterwards. You won't lose any money trying it. People have widely varying opinions about Bob Carver, but his Sunfire gear is great for HT applications, and would probably be a nice fit for you here. Cheers,
This: ( Install some NOS Siemens 7308/E188CC or Amperex tubes, and you'll be in musical heaven. I've got NOS, early 60's Siemens CCa's in mine, and it's hard to end every listening session. This unit will more than justify further system upgrades as well(any improvements you make to the system will be VERY obvious).
Two thoughts - one on the CD and one on the amp. Obviously my recommendations are HIGHLY influenced by what I have, but in this case that may not be all bad. I too had an Arcam (and still have an Arcam MCD 6 disk changer).

Amp first - because I agree with the thought to first look at that upgrade to higher power. I have an EAD PowerMaster 2000 which is truly incredible. It is built like a tank and has more than enough (WAY more than enough) power - and even more with the 20 am upgrade - to mate well with your speakers. I've had this for almost 4 years and I've given no thought to upgrading (other tham to Lamm's to mate better with my Lamm L1 for stereo)

CD Player - I use both the Arcam CD Changer mated to an EAD TheaterMaster Pre-Pro and an Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP mated to the Lamm L1. Both are powered by the EAD PowerMaster and I can tell you that for some serious "get into the music" listening the Electrocompanient, Lamm, EAD combination is stunning as compared to the Arcam, EAD, EAD combination. This is not to say that the Arcam is bad but it is definitely more analytical and less involving.

Obviously I'm not comparing apples to apples because the Lamm is in another league compared to the EAD pre-pro. But I have hooked up both CDs to the Lamm to do some mild A/B testing and the warm analog-like (to use an overused cliche) sound of the Electrocompaniet may be your ticket

Regardless, I would go amp first.

Good luck
If I go with a new amp vs. a cd player. What 3 or 5 channel amps should i look at. Would i benefit by adding a DAC to my arcam? If so what DACs should i look at. What are some of the benefits i may get by adding a DAC ?
I really appreciate everyones input. Sometimes the high end market can get pretty confusing. Thanks All
Lexicon RT-20, excellent CD sound from this universal player.
I use MIT cables with mine. Very happy.