cd player suggestions

I used to own a bluenote koala cd player. Now i need help finding a comparable replacement without breaking the bank.
Dpm, looking at your system, it seems like you're happy with a valve cd player. Based on a rough stab at your budget i'd recommend a 2nd hand Modwright Sony XA-5400ES sacd player. That is a giant killer & will allow you to experiment with NOS tubes in future. A good 2.5yr old example recently sold on the 'Gon for $1990.
For a similar budget maybe East Sound (ESound) or for another tube Aesthetix Romulus...
I am getting ready to post a Shanling CD-T100 with PCX/Underwood mods for sale, if that is of interest to you.
Not just because I have one, but I really think you should try
to find an Ear Acute. I was told by the distributor that they
are out of production now, but there may be some new ones or
demos still out there. I really think it's a great piece for
the money and that you'd have to spend well over 10K to beat it.
It really balances detail and smoothness very well. The only
thing I would really prefer is if I could get a used Linn CD12
from a dealer who could provide service. That thing was the
best I've ever heard and I've also heard that Linn has plenty of
parts if it needs service. It was breathtaking. They usually
go for about $8K used.
shanling will probably be more than I want to spend.
Dpm, we all have an amount we would like to spend, but sometimes you have to suck it up and buy something you really like. A good player will give you years of enjoyment and the extra money will soon be forgotten. I'm not for reckless spending, but kept within reason, it's nice to have something good.

at around $4K checkout the Parasound CD1. This is the present spinner to beat. Only other player that comes close at over $10K would be the Aesthetix Romulus. Keep me posted and happy listening!
Chayro, up to a certain extent I agree with your advice. I am stretching and putting a huge commitment in to build my high end system which is taking many years to complete, however I always envisaged keeping my system balanced. That is, having no weak links. I wouldn't have any problem with Dpm spending $5, $8 or even $10k on a 2nd hand player. But to get the most out of that player, you would also need to look at your speakers, amps, cables, ac power, room & isolation as well. I go by the adage you're only as strong as your weakest link.
no decisions yet. would like to stay under a grand.
@Dpm, if you're hovering around that budget, I would strongly urge you to consider saving just a bit more. This is what $2k will buy you.
Agree with Melbguy1, better to wait and save then to purchase something only to discover its not what you want and half to start over with the buying and selling cycle. By waiting you will save time/money and frustration.
Don't buy anything, get out of this while you still have a chance. Buy a guitar & head for the hills...
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Don't buy anything, get out of this while you still have a chance. Buy a guitar & head for the hills...
...with Grizzly Adams?