cd player skipping

While playing cd's from an NAD C540 cd player I'm hearing alot of skipping, jumping and breaks in the the music that are forcing me to stop listening. I keep my cd's clean (I don't touch the surface), and I clean the lens with one of those cd Lens cleaning disks. Nothing seems to work. I could use some Ideas. Thanks.
What do you have the player sitting on? If you tried the various cones,platforms,bricks then your unit might be defective.
The laser could be out of alignment or it is vibrations mentioned above. I would definitely bring it in to a tech, if still under warranty and have it checked.
If you go to and research your player you will see that the unit has a history of skipping and down time. If isolation devices and proper leveling/cleaning and adjustment do not work it may be time to move on (unless it's under warrenty). Sorry, I am only the messenger. I passed on one of these for next to nothing a while back due to its repair history.
jd i have the wadia 860 and i was told never to clean the cd player. youu should probally take the unit in for repair. only clean the cd with a good cd machine cleaner.
theretherethere may really bebebebebe nothing wrongwrongwrong. just keep it out of the car and don't jog with it.
Send it to NAD.Im had a PD 65 that skipped,and ended up spending twice as much as I should have trying to educate the local tech.The factory knows best in this case. Tracer
I agree. Let NAD fix it. I had a Nakamichi that skipped and the dealer fumbled with it a coupla times, then Nak fixed it for good. Never had another problem. I feel for ya!
I just bought one of these 3 days ago and it works just fine. It was made in July of this year and maybe Nad has worked the bugs out of it. I have to agree with most people on the sturdiness of the machine. The tray seems to be made out of flimsy rubber but it sounds excellent. I have a cd that looks like its been at the beach at a frisbee tournament. I don't think any player could read a fraction of it. I have a 40lb sony x77es that is my current player. It snap, crackles and pops all the way through it. So what do I do with this cd but put it in the flimsy tray of the Nad and laugh as I push play. If my 40lb beast can't handle that then no player can! I'm not laughing anymore. The 540 played the cd as if I had just bought it yesterday. No noise, skip or nothing. I also had a pd65 that couldn't play that cd without skipping. I am not a big fan of Nad products, in fact this is the first component I've owned from them. I have Sim electronics and Morel speakers and like I said I just picked this thing up as a joke just to see how the new 24 bit converter would sound. I don't know how long you have owned the 540, but if you enjoy the sound of it, I'd have it checked out or try to have Nad replace it with a more current batch like mine where they have at least worked out some of the earlier quirks. Good luck