CD player reliability.... good and bad.

Since the mid late 80’s I have gone through probably 15 + CD players, some lasted me many many years, some were non working out of box, some lasted a week, some months, and as said some lasted years.
Is the shipping process causing some jolting of the unit, and innards get jolted and the tray or a small piece gets damaged? Or just the way they are made?

We take great care of our CD players, dust cover when not in use, don’t drop them, hit them, shake them.....yet they just stop working or things go bad, skipping, display goes out prematurely, tray rubs on something, or any number of issues...!! ??

BUT, cheap pickup truck CD player still works after 13+ years , dust, bumps, filth, exploding pops, lots of dust in my truck from my profession, dash, floor, everywhere, years of dust, caked all over, yet I put in a cd, and the darn thing still works.

But , recently it has started to act up, it plays everything I put in it, but sometimes won’t eject,...

anyway, why is it most CD players have a reliability problem. NOT all of them, but there seems to be a %10-15 of new players that arrive in non-working, or only last a short time.

Any thoughts......
My experience with cd players varies. Some have lasted some have not and some sound excellent some sound terrible. I currently have Onkyo that cost $700 with a metal loading tray and twin Wolfsen Dacs and a Naim cd player that  my ears enjoy it very much. Since I haven't heard the super high end players I'll reserve judgment. I've spent a ton of money components and sometimes the lower end stuff sounds better that the higher end stuff. At least to my ears. 
Also Arcam, had one for 15 years and never a peep out of it!
I've bean listening to CDs since 1982. Most of the mas market units failed at one point or an other. The last CD player I bought  was a Meitner CD3 that I had to send out for adjustments. It did not ship well and I had to return the unit two times. At that point, they offered me one with a different transport for no extra charge, to witch I agreed. It still playing today. The less the moving parts, the more reliable it will be. Try getting one that you place the CD with a top loading CD player like Krell, Meitner, Rega, Micromega, MHZS, Sony CDP,CDC ext. my simaudio 5.3 back from them after this thing sitting in the closet for at least 6+ years...I had some communication issues with them and was’nt pleased about it so it was replaced by an oppo 105d bought back in 2015 and has been in service faith fully since monday...few minor glitches but never sent back...The sim was sent back because of drawer issue and was replaced (at my cost) and i have to say i dont remember it sounding as good back in 2008-2015 <>...They did a really great job.Clean no damage shipping or otherwise (kudos simaudio,thx)...and yes my oppo 105d is retired as of monday and really have alot of admiration for the product.Sooo good to have the sim back in the fold.
I've had bad luck with a couple of NAD CD players which broke after less than five years.  Have had a Sony ES and two Marantz players that have lasted for several years.   The Sony DVP-NS 999ES has a really cheap and fragile tray that occasionally swallows a CD.  I had to remove the entire metal case to rescue the CD.  Otherwise, the Sony and the Two Marantz players play fine and sound excellent.