CD player reliability.... good and bad.

Since the mid late 80’s I have gone through probably 15 + CD players, some lasted me many many years, some were non working out of box, some lasted a week, some months, and as said some lasted years.
Is the shipping process causing some jolting of the unit, and innards get jolted and the tray or a small piece gets damaged? Or just the way they are made?

We take great care of our CD players, dust cover when not in use, don’t drop them, hit them, shake them.....yet they just stop working or things go bad, skipping, display goes out prematurely, tray rubs on something, or any number of issues...!! ??

BUT, cheap pickup truck CD player still works after 13+ years , dust, bumps, filth, exploding pops, lots of dust in my truck from my profession, dash, floor, everywhere, years of dust, caked all over, yet I put in a cd, and the darn thing still works.

But , recently it has started to act up, it plays everything I put in it, but sometimes won’t eject,...

anyway, why is it most CD players have a reliability problem. NOT all of them, but there seems to be a %10-15 of new players that arrive in non-working, or only last a short time.

Any thoughts......
Interesting news about leaving a CD in the tray.  My Rega Planet was purchased used about 15 yrs ago and still going strong.  It stays on 24/7 and there is usually a CD left in it.  Maybe I'll start taking the CD out after use so I can get another 15 + yrs!
Are any top loading CD+SACD players currently made?

Ayon had a top loading SACD player a few years ago.  It may not be currently in production but it looks like USA Tube Audio still has it.
Good tips George.I have a MF 3.2 still going strong ,a Denon 3810 which died due to the cat peeing on it and a Bluenote Stibbard which is due for a laser replacement.I also have a Yamaha which still goes albeit with a little bit of encouragement.These are all oldish and still play well.Not super cheap or super expensive but would rate them as reliable.
Back in the day, some found that inexpensive DVD players had better sound playing cds and lasted longer than inexpensive CD players. That said, they still require periodic dusting and lens cleaning no matter what the price.
I own the Audio Research CD 3 which is a  top loader CD player manufactured 2001 list price $5,000.. just replaced laser and motor cost $200. didn`t have to replace motor is was still in good shape but its best go all the way don`t have to worry for another 20 yrs.