CD player recommendations under $2K used

Looking for CD player recommendations to compliment a VAC standard, VAC PA80/80, Martin Logan reQuest system. I've read glowing reviews for the Arcam CD 36 and Musical Fidelity A5. Maybe there are others. I'm thinking a neutral sound rather than a strong signature player. Musicality is important. Not dark or carmel colored, and certainly not too analytical. Great soundstage and view into the music. Alive but not too forward. Thanks, Scott
I think that the Arcam is a great choice, I actually prefer the 33 over the 36 but would state that as a personal bias. I think that this CDP is often overlooked because of a lack of "bling". Recently upgraded to a Naim CDX2. If you could swing that I really love the CDX2 and I think that there is one for sale right now, a bit out of your price range but I love this CDP. It is know for speed and "slam" whatever that is. I find it also very smooth and musical. Listening to Lee Konitz solo sax right now and it is starting to carry me away.There are many good ones out there.
Include the Bryston BCD1 in your list to audition - recently reviewed in Stereophile. It exceeds all your stated criteria at under $2K used. Mine has stopped me from looking further, most likely permanently; it presents an involving and very satifying listening experience.
Check this review:
There is a Resolution Audio Opus 21 listed currently for $2000. That is the lowest price I recall ever seeing for that model. It is a very good CD player and RA provides excellent customer service.

I have not yet heard the new Bryston player.....


Hi Scott,

I'll bet that VAC/ ML rig sounds great! I'm a big fan of both. For digital, I'd investigate Reubent's RA Opus 21 reco, sounds like a great deal to me. Another reco would be a Marantz SA-11S1 or if you can find one at your price a SA-11S2, these Marantz's get you SACD capability too.

To be perfectly honest though, with your VAC/ML combo, I'd look to spend my $2K on a vinyl rig first. Digital has come a long way, but is still flatter and less fleshed out than vinyl, IMHO.

Happy hunting,

Another option to consider is the Modwright Sony 999ES Platinum version. I would make sure it has the tube rectified power supply though. It makes a huge difference. Theirs one for sale on here for for ~$1500.

Good luck
nothing out there can touch call rep vinny
Meridian 588, or if you can stretch it, a G08
I have the MF A5 and while I rate it extremely highly, it might not satisfy your preferences. Specifically, whilst it is a very neutral player, it is also quite analytical and I would even suggest a bit forward. For a one box player, I would take a look at the Primare CD31 (I see one is listed on A'gon for under $1300.00). When my brother was auditioning new CD players 12 months ago, this one bested similar priced models from Arcam, Creek, Cambridge and Marantz (and a couple of others I can't remember) and he was looking for the same sound signature you've described.

FWIW, my personal choice would be to get an Audio Note DAC (or perhaps another NOS DAC) and use this with a basic transport. Flexibility for the future in case you move to a computer/server based system, and a tremendously musical experience. You could probably get the Dac 2.1 for under $2k.
Thanks everyone for your comments. They have helped open a window of refining my expectations of what digital could be like in my system. I've poured over many reviews and discussions relating to your suggestions and I can see why your made your recommendations. Just wish I had the opportunity to listen to all. The RA Opus 21 is very intriguing, but not readily available for listening in the northwest. Again thanks.
Yamaha CD-S2000
Consonance DROPLET. Great player! Looks awesome
Lexicon RT-20 with isolation \/conditioning.
cj dv2b
Another option to befuddle your mind is the Audio Aero Prima. As long as it is the new model with Sony transport you can't go wrong. Very analog sounding. Don
Linn Ikemi is everything you are looking for if you can find one.
Rega Saturn:

Wolfson DACs
fully discrete analogue output
sweet musicality non plus !