CD Player Recommendations - System sounding shrill

Hi. I haven't upgraded anything in my system for several years, and no longer read Stereophile or visit stores, and find that I am really out of the loop on modern equipment. My system currently annoys me as I find it overly shrill sounding, and suspect it is the CD player which was never really up to par with the rest of the system anyway. The system is as follows:

Linn LP12
Audio Research LS7
Adcom GCD-575
Nakamichi PA-7
B&W 802

Astute observes will note that when I upgraded to the LS7 I no longer had a phono stage so I rarely use the LP12 anymore. The system lacks the bass extension that I would expect and believe it is the Adcom, however, I suppose it could be the Nak. Anyway, I wanted to correct this problem, hopefully, without spending a lot of money. My questions are:

1. Does anyone think the power amp is really the problem as opposed to the CD player?
2. CD player recommendations - should I just go with a DAC and keep the Adcom, or replace the entire thing? I was thinking of a Micromega Stage 2 or Rega Planet - as I said, I would prefer not to spend much money. I am shying away from the Planet since it is top-loading.

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Have you considered a tube change in the LS-7...
When tubes go, your system will exibit all the characteristics you describe. If you are interested in changing the player, try the Arcam CD23 or maybe even a Jolida... The Adcom transport is simple and could be a decent transport, but a new player may suit you better.
Tube wise, in my ls-7, I have found that some Rocket Logo tubes from Upscale Audio provided me with excellent, musical bass and extremely detailed and listenable highs.
If you were happy with your amp before, then there is no reason to change it... Try the tubes first.. a modest investment at around 160.00
The player will run around 700.00 or so
and any decent amp the same used...
Best of luck,
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Might want to stay away from the Micromega. Although it is a good sounding player, it has had its share of problems and service is a nightmare.
I always recommend the Meridian players like a 508-20 or 508-24 used. If your system still sounds shrilled with these players, then you need to look elsewhere in the system. The Arcam FMJ23 is a good bet although overall, not up to the Meridian's standard. The older Arcam 9 is a good player with slightly less resolution than the FMJ23.
The Planet is not to my taste so I'll leave it at that. I much prefer the Arcam's.
Also, and don't laugh, some of the older NAD players were very good for the money. The 512 and up series are good sounding machines as was the older NAD 5000. The Marantz CD63,67 and SE series were nice sounding players although I never quite thought they sounded as good as the NAD.
Anyway, there is a myriad of players that are decent. Go listen and decide.
I used the Nakamichi PA-5A in a store before, and its sound improved greatly when using an Audioquest powercable. I owned the CA-7A preamp previously, and the Mapleshade powercord greatly improved it. In fact, the CA-7A runs very hot which is understandable for a class A component, however, it ran only luke warm with the Mapleshade powercord. Even with other after market cords on the CA-7A, it still ran hot.

My CA-7A without the Mapleshade sounded closed in and shrill compared to it with the cord. So, I think the Nak stuff is highly influenceable by what powercord you use with it and highly recommend you try a Mapleshade on the PA-7.
Copland 822 latest cdp.
Of the two (Audioquest or Mapleshade) which would you recommend? I find it hard to believe a power cable can make any difference at all, but I'm willing to give it a shot...
I'd suggest borrowing a friend's cd player and installing it in your rig to see if you find better bass coming from it over your Adcom.

Power amps play a HUGE roll in bass performance. I had a Sonographe SA-150 which died while driving a pair of NHT 2.51's (excellent speakers with low bass output). I borrowed a SS Audio Research amp which sounded sterile, cold and loose in terms of bass. I then slapped in a Classe CA-100 and WHAMO! - better defined and controlled bass than even the Sonographe.

Borrow an amp or two from a local dealer over the weekend. I suspect that you will hear a great deal of difference from your 802's.
I cannot say exactly what will work, but try a tube amp. I just replaced a trusty Krell KSA 250 with Cary's and the improvement is unbelievable. I have an old front end CD/DAC combo which sounds so much better now.
go to I believe they have trial period.