CD Player Recommendations…

Looking for CD player recommendations that mate well with a Musical Fidelity A308 integrated and Revel F30 speakers. Cabling is Discovery Essential speaker cables and matching Essence interconnects. I’m thinking the player should be on the neutral to perhaps slightly recessed/relaxed mids to synergize with the A308 and F30’s more forward characteristics. 
I have a  Cayin Cd17 and Shanling 3000, both sound great.  about $1400-$2k range
Update: I just recently sold my MF A308 integrated and picked up a Proceed Amp 2 to better match the sonics of my Revels—I’ve read great things as both have Madrigal DNA. I’m planning on mating them with an Adcom GFP-750 preamp in passive mode. Another thought is the matching proceed PRE. Anyway, I’m currently using an Arcam irdac for streaming. I’m gonna wait to see how this sounds with the other gear before deciding what “synergy” I need to find a CD player. 
Anyone with experience with the Linn CD players?  In addition to my Meridan 551 integrated, I also have a Linn Majik I (old shoe box sized)  being shipped overseas too.  Was reading up on the Linn Karin/Numeric that many have preferred over the later Ikemi units…

But from what I’m reading here, the Audiolab 6000 & DAC sounds like a very good bet, especially since I also have a Node 2i as well.

What’s a good recommended DAC in the $3-400 range?


I am looking forward in reading more about your CD player search.

Happy Listening!