CD player recommendations

I own a CAyin SCD50T tube player which i love but it has an intermittent white noise issue (every few weeks or so) that is normal for these units. None seems to know of a resolution for the issue. For this reason alone, Im looking to replace with a new or used 1000-2000 player. I have a dussun integrated, magnepan speakers so id like to stay with tube output. Decware has a new modified ref player, Ive been reading about Lector and CEC. need to solid recommendations for great sounding players in this price range.
The Sony Modwright 999ES (Platinum Truth mods, tube rectified), and the Raysonic CD128. I own both. The hype, the reviews, and user feedback, are basically accurate. Both players perform in a higher price bracket and therefore are excellent values and within your budget.
The Doge 6 CD player that is being marketed by Pacific Valve sells for about $1,500, including an upgraded tube complement. This is truly a great CD player with excellent build quality that sits right in the middle of your price range. I would be surprised if anything can touch it at anywhere near your budget.