CD Player Recommendation?

I've begun to upgrade and am looking for a 2k or under CD player. I don't care to get too fancy but I want something that will keep me happy for the next few years or until the sacd vs. dvd-a vs. hdcd thing gets settled. Not a chance I'm going to spend any more than fifteen bucks on a recording unless it's vintage vinyl and something I can't live without. So far I'm running a new McIntosh MC352 w/ the C42 preamp with Acoustic Zen connectors on out to a pair of Talon Khorus's via Acoustic Zen Satori cables. I'm pretty dang happy so far but I'd bet my old Magnavox CDB-650 would sound better hooked up to my garage or bedroom system. I think I want to have balanced outputs but don't care if they have analogue capabilities. Used is fine if it isn't more than one year old. Any recommendations would be truly appreciated.
Hi Aca, What type of music &/or sound do you fancy? This may help to narrow down the (plethora of) choices. BTW, there have been recent detailed threads on cdp's that may help you (use the search function) -- also, you may wish to mail the thread initiators; they could give you the short version verdict(s)!
You need to listen for yourself before you buy, so it's opportune to have a short-list in hand (I doubt you can audition 100 cdps). I'm sorry to be so poor a "recommender" but -- it will really help if you give directions!
There is an Audio Research CD-2 for sale on this site which is a recommended component (I have a CD-2 in my system). Linn Ikemi is another recommendation.

I have no affiliation or connection with any sellers of the gear mentioned -- I have auditioned these and like them...
I can't recommend the Cary 303 highly enough. My experience with it (and having auditioned many, many a fine cdp) was wonderful. One of the best purchases I have made. Used price (pre 2000 model) is around $1,700. Fantastic with classical (both chamber and orchestral), jazz and pop/rock. Added bonus, it does play HDCDs, and a noticeable difference.

Good luck.
I agree with Selden about the Cary 303 CD Player. I have the new 303/200 model and cannot say enough about it. The model that it replaced was current until three months ago and the prices are very low on the used market because of the new model introduction, not because of the quality of the sound. I know that Upscale Audio, no affiliation aside from purchasing the 303/200 player from them, was offering the original 303 CD Players that they took in as trade on the new model for significantly less than 2K. I know a few people who purchased the Sony 9000 and are very happy. I think, IMHO, that the Cary 303 is much better with Redbook CD's.
I can vouch for the sonic excellence of the Audio Research
Corp CD-2. Especially if you like a very liquid tube-like
Hi. If your MAGNAVOX has a coax out,then get an MSB Link-3 DAC,around $400.00 with a good cable,maybe $450.00. And,it is upgradeable. I can't see spending real big cash on digital anymore.What cost you $950.00 to get in sound 8 years ago, you can get pretty close now,in a $200.00 DVD/CD player. (Yes,I realize by saying that,the Audiophiles will write me off any an infidel).All I know is, that I have heard this combo players,and they are so close to my High-End CD Player ($700.00),that I sold it, bought the combo, and put the difference in my pocket.You will never see me paying big money for a CD Player again.
Muse Electronics Model 9 is a phenomenal player. There are several excellent used for sale by Hello Simply Music right now (and they are offering upgrades to signature status for $500. I have no affiliation with them except that I bought a Muse 296 DAC from them a little more than a month ago. The Muse units are unbelievably good and I'd suspect you could wind up with a just updated Model 9 signature for $1700 - $1900 which is a real steal.
Thanks one and all. I have read quite a few of the threads and it seems the same names, Carey, Muse, AR, etc. keep poping up. I'm a little surprised that the Rega's haven't been talked about yet but as I've said I've read quite a few threads. I appreciate you folks taking the time to write. As for the music I've got tons of classic rock, quite a bit of country (it took about 10 years in Texas to learn to like it} but, these days it's jazz, blues and classical. The new rig makes Beethoven rock! Oh yea, I don't have the outputs to make the old unit a decent transport but you're right my friend. It's very easy to spend too much money with too little to "hear" for it. But we're all a little nuts on here arn't we? Thanks again for the info.
I would go for the Meridian 508.24 and can be had used for around 1700.00.
There are some good choices here and also the Sony 777ES which would give you the SACD capabilty - the Adcom 750 which is a very good and well priced unit - but the Sound Broker is advertising a factory reconditioned Krell 30i with warranty - I own a 30i and it sold for 5k - it is a great player with digital inputs and outputs for upgrade and it is the best transport you can find other than the Electrocompaniet EMC which is basically the same transport - the remotes for each control each other. It is a top loader and built solid - I also use a Mcintosh C42 with a 352.
I forgot to mention that you may want to consider the McIntosh 841 DVD/CD player or the earlier 831 to keep it in the Mac family and have the video scene also.
Try the new Meridian 588.Hear it test it before buying . Nice machine if you can a deal on it but it