CD Player recomendations $400-$600 ?

I have inquired here about thoughts on a new CD Player to replace my 15 yr.old Yamaha CDX-710 and realized I might be forgetting a very important factor that being different CD Players characteristics in relationship to my system. When reading reviews and opinions seem some players are warmer sounding then others. I would consider my NAD T752 with Paradigm Studio 20v3 speakers a very warm sounding combination, Studios tend to be a little more laid back then most speakers and NAD receivers are warm and rich sounding compared to most in their class.. So was the NAD C542 designed to match,enhance, complement or counter this sound? Would buying a "brighter" sounding CD-player be smarter? Tough questions I know but unfortunately there isn't one good "Hi End" dealer in my area to go and listen or bring home demos home to try, sadly BB and CC drove them all out of business. Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated..
I just made a similar upgrade to a very dated sony cdp. I picked up a cambridge audio azur 640 from audio advisor (currently discounted). i've had it for just under 2 wks and am very pleased. good luck. e
denon 1650...around $500 used...great sound...impressive build quality...
It depends on your listening preference, but if your speakers are laid back, then you might prefer to have a CD player on the detailed and slightly bright side.

The best all-around CD player in that price range in my opinion is the Music Hall CD-25. It tends to have a full, detailed sound (not bright) but would likely match well with your gear. It is a very highly regarded player so you would have no problem selling one if for some reason it isn't your cup of tea.

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Rotel RCD 1072. That's what I'm using with my Studio 20 v3. I have to disagree with the laid back comment though. I don't find these speakers laid back at all. I would guess most of that is from your amp.
I would second the Rotel RCD-1072. I had the old RCD-951 with an NAD amp (304) and found the combo pleasant.

I would avoid trying to compensate for a "warm" amp with a bright CD player. Since your source feeds everything else, I would keep it as neutral as possible. It will make future upgrades a little easier as well.
When I described them as laid back it is not in a negative way at all, quite the opposite. Guess what I'm trying to say is they are not "Bright" as in overly high ended (I've had Polks and B&Ws and they were much brighter speakers). I love the sound, quite neutral and accurate, always pleasant to listen too, I never get "listeners fatique" where as with the others I did. Same goes for the NAD, unlike my old Yamaha stuff which at times seems to scream at you the NAD keeps is smooth and warm (must be the kind of sound the really hi end guys get with tubes and I understand why they go that route unfortunitly my wallet cannot afford this luxury). As for the Rotel I have looked into it but some of the reviews it received were not up to Rotel standards, which really surprised me :(