CD player problems

I've got a Simaudio 260D CD player that now works intermittently. The cd drawer more often that not does not open. So I'm sending it back to the manufacturer for repair.

But say I want to get another cd spinner- what is a very solid recommendation? I want a digital out jack (BNC would be fantastic) and XLR out isn't needed. I've had some very good CD players- CAL, Meridian, Rega and now the Sim. This is my first transport failure.

Thanks in advance!
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It's 3 years old, and it's now back at Sim for repair. I bought it new from an AD

Never had a CD player fail before. I first had a Technics, then a CAL, then Meridian (first CD player that 'name sense' sonically), then a Rega and now the Sim which I think is excellent- when it works. Like it better than my old Merodian 508.24

I remain skeptical about the mechanism in my 260D and don't really want to be in this position in 2-3 years from now.
Got my 260D back- works perfectly- hopefully for the long haul
Well, right now my 260D is working perfectly so I'm not investing in a new cd spinner.

I once owned a Rega CD player and I liked it quite a bit - but- and there's always a but- it's transport was intermittently temperamental