CD player problems

I've got a Simaudio 260D CD player that now works intermittently. The cd drawer more often that not does not open. So I'm sending it back to the manufacturer for repair.

But say I want to get another cd spinner- what is a very solid recommendation? I want a digital out jack (BNC would be fantastic) and XLR out isn't needed. I've had some very good CD players- CAL, Meridian, Rega and now the Sim. This is my first transport failure.

Thanks in advance!

it also has a remote control feature for the USB direct input into its high-end DAC for an external HD so you can also play your digital collection

highly recommended Goliath Killer...Google the reviews.

PS REGA has two (2) additional transports with identical serial numbers set aside just for that particular unit as a hedge against repair requirements. They were all constructed at the same time will be drooling on your pillow in a nursing home before you need to worry.
With respect to Akg, at the price if the very good Rega Isis, I would simply do a music server such as the Naim Uniti. Have you considered the Rega Saturn as a transport? It is quite good.

how old is your Simaudio spinner? Did you buy it new?
Have you contacted Simaudio about a replacement?

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
It's 3 years old, and it's now back at Sim for repair. I bought it new from an AD

Never had a CD player fail before. I first had a Technics, then a CAL, then Meridian (first CD player that 'name sense' sonically), then a Rega and now the Sim which I think is excellent- when it works. Like it better than my old Merodian 508.24

I remain skeptical about the mechanism in my 260D and don't really want to be in this position in 2-3 years from now.
Every CD player I've ever own since 1986 has failed. It is an unfortunate fact of life, whether it is a drawer or laser failure, they all do.

Also, unlike a turntable cartridge, when the transport fails many times it can't be replaced.

I have found that a CD player's transport will last longer than a universal transport. In some cases much longer. However, before high rez, downloads the only way to listen to commercial high rez was with a transport. Thank god those days are gone. I went through 3 universal players over that time. Thus the reason I would never buy an expensive player. I buy a reasonably priced player as a transport and use my DAC to process the bits!

Right now I'm using the Oppo 103 because it seconds as a great server, for which I have 4TB of music on. I'm so done with spinners!!!!!! Although, I still have about 3 to 4000 CDs, I seldom listen to them.

That being said. Since the Rega is a top loader and mechanical in nature, you have by passed one source of future frustration. I owned the original Planet, when it came out. I liked the unit but found it to be a bit soft and ill defined when compared to a Meridian 506.20 I owned, which was my favorite stand alone CD player.

So, my recommendation, if you use a DAC, is to buy a player that can double as a server. I know it sounds like a pain, but then rip all your CD's to a hard drive, so that you can move into the future. It really isn't that difficult to do and in the end you'll be happier.

Depending on your age, e.g. under 80, this is something you are going to be doing anyway, so why not start today and be done with it.

I concur w / the above- check out the new Rega Saturn- very nice sounding player.

I also like and respect Naim cd players- very good and effortless musical enjoyment. Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
Well, right now my 260D is working perfectly so I'm not investing in a new cd spinner.

I once owned a Rega CD player and I liked it quite a bit - but- and there's always a but- it's transport was intermittently temperamental