CD Player Power Supply Tweak

Has anyone tried to change the power supplies of the analog, digital and transport sections of a CD player for three separate Lab Grade Regulated Power supplies or high quality rechargable batteries like the ones used in battery powered amplifiers? It seems like a lot of tweaks are usually power supply cleaning and I think this could be achieved cheaply and easily with outboard power supplies. If so, let me know what they did and who is the supplier.

I also wonder wether anyone has tried a digital isolation transformer between the digital and analog sections of the output to isolate the two? This may reduce the so called digital reflections that "high quality" digital interconnects are designed to remove.

Finally, one can add some home made vibration isolation feet made out of sorbothane pads sandwiched in between metal washers with cones on top. Inside one can use some of the more traditional isolation reduction tweaks.

I am considering these mods on an already good cambridge D500SE player. It seems to have a good transport and a good DA converter. Let me know any other good economical candidates.

Hope to hear from you, Salsero
why not have a try on OpAmp tweak? cheap and least effort......OpAmp is just like a removable CPU in PC.
The two best things I have done for my front end were to have a dedicated line installed and then, (and that's a big THEN) the purchase of the Audio Magic Mini Digital. Unbelievable. A great cdp/system became even greater. Also: my cdp, as well as all my electronics are sitting on Audiopoints, or the Sistrum rack audiopoint system. If you're interested (email me) in the Audio Magic, I can turn you on to da man to buy it from. Honest and a great price. peace, warren
Not to self propagate my thread but it is interesting that I found a power supply with incredible specifications for less than $75. It is a linear, regulated power supply with medical grade specifications. More so, we can use it as a primary supply outside the CD player and feed the electronics as well as all other internal power supplies with a double-regulated arrangement (double regulation is used in the Rega Jupiter and Naim players). Many power supply upgrades/mods attempt to "clean" the power supply but I do not think you can beat a medical grade linear-regulated external supply for $75. I will be doing my own mod soon.
Happy listening