CD player outputs question.....

My Rotel RCD-1072 is currently connected to my Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amp via its analog outputs and a pair of AudioQuest King Cobra IC cables. I just bought a new DAC (Emotiva XDA-2) and want to compare how the Rotel sounds now vs. connecting it with a 75 ohm coaxial digital cable to the Emotiva. Can I have the Rotel plugged into my amp and into my DAC at the same time ? Will this hurt anything or cause any problems ? If it's okay, then I can easily compare the sound of music both ways by simply changing the selector knob on my amp, instead of constantly pulling things out of the rack and unplugging and re-plugging in cables. Please let me know.
Doing that won't hurt anything, and it will most likely function in a reasonable manner. I can envision a couple of ways, though, that there MIGHT be at least slight adverse effects on sound quality.

One issue might be an increase in ground loop-related noise currents flowing in the digital coax, which might affect jitter at the point in the DAC where digital is converted to analog.

Another issue might be "crosstalk" within the integrated amp between the two sets of signals it is receiving. That is, a little bit of one signal leaking onto the other, with timing differences between the two signals (resulting from differing delays in the two dac circuits) exacerbating the consequences.

Both of those possible effects are system dependent and essentially unpredictable, and could very well not be issues at all. But before proceeding with the comparison you want to make it might be a good idea to first do some comparisons that would allow you to assess those possibilities.

Also, keep in mind as you do these comparisons that since the DAC is new its performance may be changing over time due to breakin.

-- Al
I have the analog outputs of my Esoteric SACD player going into my tube preamp. I also have the digital out on my SACD player going into my Wyred4Sound dac with absolutely no problems. No hum, ground loops, nada.
Thanks guys .....
Al, I appreciate your sound advice (pun intended, LOL.)
Stereo5, which way does your SACD player sound better ?
I prefer the sound of the Esoteric player when playing cd's. I use the Wyred dac mostly for computer based audio. Keep ion mind, the Wyred dac cost 1000.00 where the Esoteric player cost 8500.00.