CD player or get a computer?

I'm in a bit of a conundrum.

I am pondering whether to splash out on a super duper CD player, or cd/sacd player, or on the other hand get a computer dedicated to music.

I have more vinyl than CD's, and I am still more vinyl dedicated, but I am a music lover, and if if some records can't be found I'm not such a snob as to not buy the CD.

the case for computers

Having done some research I am thinking of doing music downloads in WMA format - as this appears to be the best quality of downloading.

I am also considering putting CD's onto a computer.

having done a little research, it would appear that one can overcome 'jitter' by recording cd's into a computer hard drive using jitter correction software. With this I assume it can then be hooked up to my amplifer and hey presto music.

couple this with my intention of getting some 'acourate' room correction software, and I'm laughing.

is this fantasy or reality?

the other potential for this is that I can download music as well - even better given that it would appear that quality is now being sought once again - ie 24/192 instead of MP3.

in order to achieve this what sort of kit will I need - hardware and software wise?

furthermore - given that jitter starts when a cd is read, would putting all the music on a flash drive, or similar device with no moving parts be the way to go?

the case for a cd player

this is perhaps the easiest way to plug and play, and has the highest audiophile credentials insofar as it is known/tested, and does give good quality (provided i get the right stuff)

If i were to do this I will also consider getting a room correction pre-amp set up like the TACT or Rives.

the 6 million dollar question is which one is going to give me the best sound quality?

please help me guys and girls!
I have taken both paths and, as always, it depends. Computer audio via USB or Squeezebox is cheaper for similar quality reproduction, but I wasn't impressed with the software DSP I tried. I build my own silent computers because a noisy one is a no-no in audio. Ripping and tagging is not a pleasurable job. Doubts remain when dB Poweramp shows the rip as "secure" because it isn't in AccurateRip, and it is frustrating when I tag "Brandenburg Concerto" and my SB insists on showing "Concerto Brandebourgeois". You might also miss the ability to read about the work, performers or orchestra when listening. Hardware DSP can be used with both.