cd player opinions please

i've kind of decided on the audio aero prima but then i see cary 303/200 in same price range. is the cary a cut above? thanks
I like the Prima better - it makes the Cary sound a bit mechanical in comparison.
The Canary CD-100 is better than both the Audio Aero and Cary for about the same price. It also is tubed (6922) output.
See the following recent thread for the

Audio Aero Prima 24/192 Mk II cd player......

Good luck.
I can comment on the Cary not being quite the player as the Prima. From what I've read and researched here. The Canary should be given some listening time too. My personal opinion is that the Prima will be really hard to beat...............I've owned one and now the Capitole MKII. But I most recently bought the newest version Prima II her on this site!
I will second Stanhifi on the Canary CD-100 being better than the Prima. Never heard the 303/200.