CD player not reading

I have a CD player that is absolutely not reading anything. I assume it has something to do with the lense. Anybody have an idea? I would prefer to repair it myself as it is only worth about $350 new.

thanks in advance!
Who made the Cd player? Is this a secret? Unless you furnish info, help is difficult to give.
Sorry, no secret at all. Haron Kardon. I beleive it is a FL-8400
I would think that a player in this price range is disposable and can be replaced for less money. Cd players are like computers, they get better and cheaper faster than we can imagine.

Unless you are just looking for a project, throw it away and research comparable replacements.
By all means try cleaning the laser lens before you throw it away. I just use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. Check your manual for any advice on products to use (or avoid using) to clean it.
I would say that if you can dis-assemble the unit down to where you can access the lens try using canned air first. Then if no progress is made try a water moist Q-Tip and extremely gently wipe it down. I would be carful with the alchohol as it might dry out the lens membrane to much and cause future cracking. If these procedures don't work then
I would say it is a laser adjustment and at 350.00 for a player and a minimum of 125.00(est) to repair it, I would see how it fits in a dumpster.
I agree, it was short sighted to recommend dumping it without trying to clean the lens.
Got it apart and did everything I could. The lense is still not reading, and also there was a slight smell of a burnt circut board. So I would say that it is over the the HK CD player. But at least I know what the inside of a CD player looks like :)

Now on the my next HK problem over at the amp-pre section.
I had a beautiful CD machine that stopped reading (Philips 880) and destroyed it in a fit of passion. It turned out to be just a big capacitor on the board that failed. By then it was too late to fix it! As the parts I had mangled in my rage were alreading on the way to the dump.
Another CD changer (A Sony CD89ES that had played for tens of thousands of hours failed and that was just a worn out wire connecting the lens sled assy to the circuit board. Both are under $1.00 repairs.
So look it over carefully before trashing it.
The laser assy are all very long lasting... and usually some other problem besides the laser itself is to blame.
A point well taken Elizabeth.

However I don't have a clue how check for a bad capasitor. All the wires seem good but I did notice a brown spot on the circuit board. Perhpas it is defintely burnt up. I do recall there was a time that I kept the CD player on top of the Receiver. Then one day I noticed they were both very hot. I think most likey the damage had already been done. Just like sometihng put in a micorwave keeps cooking after it is taken out. My CD player must have kept cooking :)