CD player/ MP3

Hey folks. Long time no post eh?

Anyways, i am wanting to find a standard component sized cd player that also has a hard drive built in with the ability to rip CD onto Mp3.

I know most people on here balk about MP3, but it would certainly be handy during a party or when im working around the house to have something i can create playlists and such

I dont own a computer (i get on here through work) and i really dont want to buy one either. I dont care about downloading music, i just want to be able to burn 100 gigs worth of music and have a basic jukebox integrated to my system.

Im looking for something cheap too.

What i DONT understand is i have a DVD Recorder/burner with 100GIG HD that can record off comcast, regular cable, and any other source and burn the contents to a DVD. That cost me a mere 400 dollars and works fantastic.

So far all i can find are super expenive overloaded systems that are way beyond what i want, like that system from Olive. I dont want to pay for features i dont want to use. I dont want to buy a computer, I dont even want to BURN Cd's. All i want to be able to do is find a system that has 100 gig HD that i can rip my CD's onto and play them on my main system with basic search/playlist functions for under 400. And i would like a remote. (which is how much i paid for my 100gb HD DVD Burner which as far as i can tell is far ahead in technology)

Does anyone make something like this?

And if not... does anyone know why the hell not? I cant find anything that isnt damn near $1000
Hey Slap,
I don't have any suggestions for you, but it sure is good to see you posting again. Welcome back!
First of all I don't think what you want actually exists and second of all I don't think that is what you really want. You say you don't want a computer but the DVD machine you describe is just that, albeit one of limited function. It is using your TV as a monitor and a remote instead of a keyboard and mouse, but it is a computer.

For your purpose you would be better off getting a cheap laptop like this older apple running iTunes and going from there. Add some external hard drives and a cheap USB DAC to start and you are in business. A bit more than $400 but you will eventually regret a one box approach with no flexibility.

A 100 gig drive storing MP3 will hold about 2000 CDs worth of music. At 10 minutes a disc ripping 8 hours a day it would take over a month. You don't want to take the time to rip all of this only to have the drive crash or the machine die and lose all of that effort. Even if that doesn't happen something better will come along and all of your music will be stuck on your old machine.

Don't think short term. Computer based music servers are the future and you don't want to get stuck in the past. Once you rip your CDs to hard drives in a lossless format you are prepared for any hardware improvements that come along.

Hard drives are cheap. An external 300G drive is less than $150. Don't rip to MP3. You can get almost 1000 CDs in Apple lossless on a 300G drive or maybe 600 in native wave format. That is plenty to start with and you can always convert them to mp3 and put them on a portable player, but if you originally rip to mp3 you can't go back to the original. I kick myself for ripping 400 of my CDs to mp3 for my portable player and then having to do it again in a lossless format when I decided to build a music server for my main system.

Buy drives in pairs. They do die and you must have a backup.

Search here and google for USB DAC and digital music server. You will find a lot of good info.
You may want to look for a Sony HARD1000. It has a digital out so you can hook it up to your existing DAC if you have one.

I think this is discontinued, but you may be able to find a used one. Audio Consultants in Chicago used to have one for around $200 used, but I don't see it on their website anymore. I almost bought this myself since I was going down the same path as you are.