CD player modifications

I have a Shanling S-100 Mk II that I would like to upgrade and, since I have an electronics background and like to do my own work, was wondering if there are any modification kits available for this unit. Since I would be replacing the caps in the signal path was also wondering what are considered to be the best sounding polypropylene capacitors.
If no one gives you a response here, try the DIY forums of both the and sites. I'm sure there is something fun and very worthwhile you can try, I am unfortunately not the man to guide you. I feel proud if I plug in my toaster successfully.
Thanks Newmanoc - I will look at those.
I wonder if you could add something like this to your player Tubalizer .
Gmood1 - looks interesting.
Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil. Very, very good Polyprop-cap.

Thanks Mike; I'll look into the Mundorf Supreme.
I changed the REL caps in my ARC LS-15 preamp to TRT Dynamicaps. Huge improvement. You can contact Michael Percy for parts and advise. Michael is a pleasure to deal with.
Audphil1- thanks very much for the information on the TRT Dynamicaps.
you're welcome
I had my CDT 100 modded progressively as I watched and reclocking did much more than throwing upgraded caps at it. I used a Trichord 4 clock+never connected power supply. Trichord I am sure will advise on fitting them.
Thanks David12 - I was looking to do something more than merely upgrading caps.