Cd player is skipping ...need advise.

I'm sure there has been a thread concerning this but I couldn't find it. I just changed speakers from Proac Tablette 50 sig's to Meadowlark Kestral HR's. I've found now when I play bass heavy tracks (ie Life in the Fast Lane by Eagles) my Rega Planet skips. Never happened with the Proac's. I assume it's due to increased bass response since it doesn't do it at low volumes. My amp is an Exposure Super XX. Everything is on a Salamander Synergy stand. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Would isolation devices (ie vibrapods) fix the problem?
Quit listening to the Eagles! Are your speakers on spikes? Is the whole system sitting on carpet? There's lots you can do but without knowing the particulars it's hard to make suggestions. Try the Aurious.
Here's a cheap isolator :
Get a block of concrete or a marble chopping board.
Place on top of 2-3 inches sheet of soft foam, or
inflated bike inner tube.
Place CD player on top of the concrete / marble.
Not perfect, but worked for my turntable, when I suffered from bass feedback, and only costs about $10.
If it works but it is visually offensive then replace with a high-cost audio isolation platform.
The speakers have spikes and the system is in a carpeted room.
I used to have trouble with my Theta transport that would skip. I would eject the cd disc, hold it under water, dry it off and put it back in the Theta and it would stop the skipping 90% of the time.