CD player IC XLR--- RCA

Which one would you select for my CEC TL 51Z MKII CD player ?
Unfortunately the preamp is RCA input only, therefore with XLR I will be limited in using the XLR---->RCA cable I custom made. (based on VDH D102 MKIII Hybrid)

Not sure that is only a voltage deal. Of course higher gain should be better but maybe I am underestimating other cable matchings like Impedance or other stuff.
Can you pls comment ?
You won't get higher output from the CDP with an XLR-RCA adapter than the RCA-RCA. The adapter takes the non-inverting pin of the XLR out and puts it to the center pin of the RCA, which is the same connection made internally in the CDP to the RCA output. The output impedance will be the same.
I have run a similar test from my Cd player running RCA-RCA and XLR-RCA. My Cd player has volumn control so I run the signal directly to my electrostatic speakers that each has its own built in balanced amplifier. Even though these amps are balanced, they are older and only have RCA inputs. Anyway, when I run the XLR-RCA I must turn the volumn down a bit as the signal is stronger. Try it and you might notice a differance.