CD Player Headphone Jack

Wondering if any CD players, under $700.00 used, have a particularly good, or better than most, built in headphone amp.
The Marantz players have always sounded above average to me with Grado SR-60 and 325is. (SA 8001, SA 8260)
This may be too inexpensive for you but I enjoyed a pair of Sony MDR V6 headphones along with a Marantz CD-5004 CD Player.

What headphones do you currently have that you are planning to use with a CDP? That may help members with recommendations for you.
No such thing as too inexpensive! I currently have Sennheiser HD 650 in main system with headphone amp, and also Grado SR80. I want to put a CD player in bedroom for headphone only listening, and wanting to keep it simple. Thanks.
Just plugged the Sennheisers into a friends Onkyo DX-7555 and was pleasantly surprised.
I use the 650s and the 702s on marantz sa8001 and cd5004. I have no complaints.
Thanks Rok2id, Any preference between the two Marantz models?
I give the nod to the SA8001 because it plays SACD and I think the build quality is better. But I suspect the headphone amps are very similar if not identical. I just don't think the design teams are given a blank sheet of paper for every model and price point. Most likely their business model dictates that a lot of the electronics and mechanicals are identical. Especially the ones that may not show up on the spec sheets.
Nah, get a headphone amp. Check headfi for something decent.
For those Sennheiser HD 650 headphones I say pair them up with a Grant Fidelity DAC-09 or DAC-11 with a NOS Western Electric tube in place of the stock one. I know it isn't a CDP with a headphone jack but I did find a pair of Sennheiser HD-600 headphones along with a GF DAC-09 a very enjoyable combination. The footprint of the DAC-09 or DAC-11 isn't big at all and there is a lot of flexibility with it.