Cd player for the Levinson 38,332 and B&W S805?


I have the Levinson 38,332 and B&W Signature 805's. I'd like to get a used cd player. My mainly listening music is Symphony 20%,Orchestral 20%,Concerto 20% and Opera 40%. Budget for cd player is used $6K. Room size is W13'xL20'xH8'. I'd like to know cd player which is suitable for my situation and has good tonal balance and musicality.

Levinson 390S. It betters CD playback systems that cost far more. "Ask me how I know". Find one to try, you won't be disappointed.


Paul :-)
Paul,thanks a lot for your reply. I will consider the Levinson 390S. I make once more request.

How do you know that it betters cd playback systems which cost far more? And are there any other suggestions?

I see your system. It is a very wonderful system. Congratulations!
Giving the rather unforgiving character of your ML gear, and especialy B&W speakers, I would suggest trying the cew ARC CD3 mk II cdp ... it is an tremendous value at 5500 USD (NEW).
You might save yourself a few dollars if you give the Electrocompaniet a listen.
Elberoth and Jeff,thanks a lot for your replies. I will consider the ARC CD3 MK2 and the Electrocompaniet CD player,too.

I have heard the ARC CD3 MK1 at an audio shop. It sounded good. The CD3 MK2 is likely to be better than the CD3 MK1.

I use the ML 37/36s combo,used buy,so inexpensive.Very happy with it.Stick to ML for system synergy,get Madrigal cabling,I use the MBC 1 and CZ gel 1 XLR.What are the alternatives? 37 with 36,36s,360s .Used 31 or 31.5 with any ML dac,35,36,36s ,360s or perhaps stretching the budget,30.5 or 30.6.I will always spend the most on the Transport.39 also alternative.390s new .....I dont know,I favour the idea of buying ML used,great savings on a great product, irrespective of age.If you can get a 390s used that would be ideal.Even have money left for a 38s,380,380s etc.....
Good Luck.
I have a levinson 335, 380s, and Cary 306/200 to B&W Nautilus 802's. The Cary is very detailed yet warm sounding and would be a perfect match as Levinson can get a bit dry and the B&W is so revealing. I am intrigued by the 390s but most reviews say it is too mechanical sounding. I just tried the Musical Fidelity Tri Vista and found it just a hair cleaner than the Cary but lacking the same wamrht and soundstage.