CD player for my system

I am looking at getting a new CD player in the under 2K range (yeah I know, this topic is done to death). I'm not sure what would be best for my current/future set-up. I need a new amp (which I plan on getting sometime after a new CDP) and am using Monitor Audio Silver S6 speakers (which I don't plan on replacing in the near future).

I have been thinking about some nicer models, such as the Simaudio Nova or the Ayre CX-7 (both used), but am wondering if it is worth spending the extra $ considering my system. I have also considered a Naim CD5, which I think would go well with the speakers and my musical preferences (good sense of rhythm). But maybe going to a Rega Jupiter would be a better value on my system.

Any thoughts? Leaning towards the Nova, except maybe not the best value for my system.

Also, does anyone have any comments on the Audio Analogue Maestro? I found a good deal on a used one, but it was not a CDP I was previously considering.

You are dead right about this being beat to death. But what hasn't on the 'gon? Anyway, take a good listen to the Audio Aero Prima. Lists for $2300. Can be found brand spanding new, for under $2k. One beautiful, killer, sweet cdp. I believe I've heard that somewhere before? Maybe it was me. I love mine. It'll go tete a tete with the best. And I mean the best. I love mine. I can turn you on, if interested, to a dealer who will give you a great price, service, and advice on your system. peace, warren
I auditioned the Ayre CX-7 and a Linn Ikemi with my old amp-a Sugden a21A-my thinking was similar to your own (particularly with the Ayre)that perhaps my system wasn't quite up to the level of CD player I was choosing however my system did show up marked differences between these players and I decided I wanted a CX-7,simply because it sounded superb in a system that retailed for less than the cost of it(£2.5k amp/speakers to £3k CDplayer).
Whilst looking around for a CX-7 I actually came across a great deal on an AX-7 so I bought that.
I think it very much depends on the equipment but strangely if you can judge things like this; the CX-7 performance with my old amp was actually more impressive that it was when I eventually got one and put it with it's AX-7 partner.
Of course the AX-7 took my system to another level when I got it so I was not at the same starting point.
I couldn't guarantee this would happen in your system but this is what I found.
Hope this helps.
Let me try and be a bit more clear - I'm not asking for everybody's favorite CDP in my price range. I am looking for recommendations for MY system. So let me be a bit more specific:

Speakers: Monitor Audio Silver S6 - metal dome tweeeter and ceramic coated alloy cones give it a fast response, but also make it brighter

Amplification: Currently running my source through a higher end Integar receiver, but will likely switch to a decent integrated for 2 ch after getting my CDP, so any recommendations should take this into account (both quality wise and $$ - trade-off between CDP and integrated). I will likely look at a tube integrated, which should soften the speakers a bit.

Now, if anyone wants to rave about how good or bad they thought the Audio Analogue Maestro is, please do - i can't find much info on this player.

Thanks again,
Since you plan on replacing everything after you get your cdp, what is the purpose of your post? You start with the source and go from there. Naturally we are going to give you our favorites. Your system, from what you're saying, is a temporary thing. I give up. Good luck, you'll need it.... peace, warren
Audio Analogue Maestro, over priced items. I saw review (Hi Fi Choice? What Hi Fi? Hi Fi News? which gave a 3 stars (out of 5) rating on this player.
Mbutler-seems a bit rich you asking for the best CD player in your system when you are going to change that very system.
I think the two posts prior to your follow up replied to specific points you made.
Nobody can safely supply the information you are looking for unless they have exactly the same system.
You did post "any thoughts".
Sorry for trying to help.
I appreciate the help on the previous responses. I guess the problem was more me not asking the right questions. So let me try again: what CDP will go well with my speakers, given that I will likely be adding a new integrated amp to go with it in the future?

Should the CDP tend towards the warm side to balance out the brightness of the metal cones and tweeter, or should this be done by a integrated tube amp? The CDP doesn't need to have incredible bass extension because I prefer my speakers ported to give a tighter response, which gives away some of the low end. Also, the player should take advantage of the quickness of my speakers (which they sometimes sacrifice some subtlety for). I tend to listen to rock and jazz, but have been lsitening to more latin music lately (hence, rhythm is important).

I am thinking the Nova would be good, but may result in too bright a system. Do people agree? The Naim would be be fast and rhythmic, but could it sound too aggressive? I have heard that the CD5 is warmer than some other Naim gear, so could it be forgiving? The Jupiter would probably be warmer, but without the rhythm and pace of the other two. But the cheaper price could mean a better integrated. People love the Ayre and the Prima, but would they match my objectives?

hopefully this post is better. I apologize, I am new to Audiogon.
After you buy the Prima (hopefully) and live with it a while you may decide (probably) that your amplification is not doing it. You may want to go with an integrated that will be able to show off what your Prima can do. Think about the YBA Passion Integre with a Cardas GR IC and you MAY be there. So far, you'll be keeping everything nice and toasty for ss. The operative word is may, because all this sonic wonder may be too much for your speakers to handle. If it is; get back to us and we'll set you straight. peace, warren

P.S. you can click on my (warrenh) system, get out your Amex and go for it. Have fun. Happy listening
I think the way you have described what your looking for,then in theory the CX-7 could do the job.
Of course I think it would be safer if you auditioned but I realise that may not be possible.
The Ayre is smooth but natural sounding and I think very good with all types of music, it really just really gives you whats on the disc -there are not many who've heard it been able to pick out obvious weaknesses in it's sound-it shouldn't add to the brightness but it is a very detailed player.
I do think to some extent though your speakers imho sound like a bit of a problem-I think you could easily get it wrong or the synergy of what you pick in reality might not match the reviews or opinions you've been given.
Let us know how you get on.
I would scratch the Naim CD5 from the list. I realize that they have a loyal following, however in my experience the performance of most Naim products does not quite live up to their reputation. Possibly others will chime in and disagree.

While I haven't heard your speakers, my understanding is that they are pretty good at their price point and you can build a nice system around them. Unfortunately, I don't have an educated opinion regarding CDPs that would match well with a tube integrated, but I think it would be difficult for you to go wrong with a Rega Jupiter.

Good luck!