CD player for my system?

I'm normally an "analog" type of guy...I love my LP's! Any suggestions for a CDP in the range of $800-1200 for my system that might not offend these old analog ears? I must admit, I'm not much into "tweaks" or "mods." Looking to find a unit that sounds good out of the box.

Tube Audio Design TAD-150 preamp
Rogue Audio Stereo 90 amp
Reimer McCullough GS speakers

thanks for any suggestions!
A Jolida JD100 with NOS tubes. It perfectly fits your criteria.
The original Rega Planet or newer Rega Planet 2000 (I forget the price of this one; it might be out of your price range). Both offer supreme musicality and PRAT. Neither is the last word in resolution or dynamics, but for sheer enjoyability and ease on the ears, they're hard to beat in this price range.
Aball I agree.
Do a search hereabouts on Audio Aero. Read about the Prima.
AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with 192kHz upsampling and Amperex 7308 or Ediswan CV2492 tube upgrade.
I agree with Aball and others; the Jolida is a perfect match. This unit is a true pleasure; it really adds a dimension in terms of warmth and presence not found in sub $1500 player. (We feel very fortunate to be dealers for JoLida.) This unit competes well with a lot of the heavy hitters like Naim, Rega, Arcam, Etc. at a fraction of the price. Another neat thing about this unit is that if you ever become a tweaker you can simply change out the tubes in the future and adjust the sound to your listening preferences. But, out of the box it will sound fantastic and will only improve over the first 100 hours of break in. Please email me directly if you are interested in discussing this player further.

Good Luck and you cannot go wrong with the warmth and build quality of JoLida.

Tyler T. Mueller

Next Level Audio and Video-Account Manager
One more vote for the Jolida--with a pair of Mullard CV4004 tubes, and an upgraded power cord.
a used QUAD CD-P (for under 1000) has gotten rave reviews
Take a look at my threads on the Jolida JD 100A. Ya think I may like the Jolida a little bit? ;)

Change out the stock tubes to some warm, yet nicely detailed Ei ECC-83 Gray Plates and add a good power cord upgrade and you have a superb, very analog like sounding player that many players going for $3-4K retail are pressed to sound better.
Any experiences with the Meridian 506.24?
Hey there Ken! :-)
What happend to your JD-100? Where are you going next? Hope you are well.

Hi Paul,

Thanks. Sold my silver JD100 and have a black face unit on the way. Staying with Jolida, its become like family!

Hi Ken

I thought you liked it too much to just, say goodbye. Good idea. The black one will look great in your system!


Quad 99 CDP, quite analog and you can resell your TAD preamp.
Kehut, I saw that you recommended the EI tubes, i've also heard alot of people talke about the Electro-Harmonix tubes, have you heard these, if so, which do you feel is a better match for the jolida.
Good bang for the buck, Rotel RCD 1072. Just got one and am very happy. Pushes what can be done under $1500.00, HDCD compatible too.
naim 3.5 with flatcap will mate nicely with your gear
Readster-- sorry to be so long in answering your quest.

Yes, I tried the EH 12AX7's in the jolida.Also the Ei Elite gold pins. Both were more bright sounding than the stock tubes that Jolida supplied. These were the least favorite to my ears of all the tubes I rolled in and out.

I liked the Mullard CV4004 somewhat and Tungsrams were very "fast" sounding or zippy, but did not have much body.

The Amperex, Siemens and Brimars were not as good as the Ei's non cryo'd ECC-83 gray plate.

All of the 5751's I used RCA 3x BP--Raytheon 3x BP and Sylvania 3x JAN..GE 3x Gray Plates... were smooth, but just too closed in sounding and lacked openness and dynamics.

The Cryo Ei Gray plates are the winner for me.Smooth and warm like the standard Ei, but with better depth and transparency.Amazing tube!
You are the absolute perfect candidate for the Jolida JD100. But listen first.