Cd player for my NAD320bee

Hello Audiophiles,

I want to buy a good cd player for my NAD320bee that I can continue to use once I upgrade the NAD and the 601 B&W's I am using. What do you reccomend. I have only gone off what I have read and I see that Music Hall Cd25, Arcam, Jolida, are good ones. I plan on buying on the gone so that I can buy something nice for half the price, hopefully. Please help.
I have a 320bee in my bedroom, and I am using a Philips 963sa dvd player with it. It sounds great. Lots of good reviews on it. Has upsampling, with I like very much. Have it going through a pair of Quad 12L speakers, Cardas 300B interconnects, and my own speaker cables. This little systems sounds very good.
I own the 320bee and, have owned the Jolida JD-100. It is a very good player that matches well with the NAD. Very well mind you. I suspect the CD-25 would too (especially modified). I have also run a Trivista 21 dac driven from a old Pioneer DVD player (414) with superb results. The Trivista 21 was my favorite source with the Jolida being a very close second. My jolida was not modified either.

The Bel Canto dacs are really good too and mate well with the inexpensive Pioneer DVD players.
I have the NAD C320BEE paired with the Music Hall MMF CD 25 and the combination is magical. I had originally paired the NAD with the highly regarded Pioneer PD 65 CD player. The difference in system performance between the Pioneer and the Music Hall is literally like comparing night and day ... and I have always been skeptical of these types of claims. There is a synergy between the NAD and the Music Hall that just did not exist with the Pioneer. If this makes any sense ... the music just sounds sweeter. For example, there is an enhanced richness to vocals ... especially male vocals. This was particularly evident with the Mavericks last studio release, as well as the Jayhawks "Rainy Day Music." Music with acoustic properties and/or a stripped down quality sound more exciting (Beatles "Let it Be ... Naked" and Pete Townshend "Scooped"). Even a 1st generation CD pressing of CSN&Y's "DeJa Vu" sounded pretty good. The NAD/Musical Hall combination turned out to be a real surprise. The speakers used are acoustic suspension designs ... the Acoustic Research 302's and the NHT SB2's.

Regards, Rich
Either a Rega Planet (Planet 2000 also) or Musical Fidelity A3 would be a good match.
Thanks for all your feedback. I really appreciate it.

How does Musica Fidelity stack against Music Hall, Arcam, and Jolida? I know I wont have much oportunity to actually test them so I hope I can use your proffesional opinions.
I third the Music Hall (also called Shanling CD-S100, off this continent). It is really a superb player for what it costs, and it can be tweaked if you get the bug. If you could get a CD-S100 Mark II, that would be even better value, but they are not sold in the States.

Canadian distributor's Shanling page

Rich, it's nice to know that the CD-25 and C320BEE go so well together, since they are among the very top bargains in the current retail lineup.
Have had the modded Music Hall from "Mr. Underwoodwally" for 5 days. Out of the box it was great and continues to get better. For even twice the money, I think it would be hard to beat.