CD Player for Macintosh / B&W N804

With the help of this forum I decided to get McIntosh MA6500 integrated amplifier for my B&W N804 speakers.

Now I am front of choosing CDP. I know there have been a lot of discussions on CD players and I read them all for the past few days. Still I am not clear, there are many different opinions.

I am looking to spend $1K-1.5K or so, for new or used unit. I'd prefer to have a 5-CDs changer, but there are not that good as I understand. What about if I get a changer and use it as transport and also get a DAC? -- This setup is kinda intimidating for newbie :-)

I am looking at these units, seems they have favorable feedback:
Meridian 507, 508, 588 used
Linn Ikemi used

What do you think abour Linn Classik new?

I'd really appriciate if you share your CDP experience with simular equpiment. I listen mostly classical and rock.

Thanks in advance,
I am not sure what the used CALs multi disc CDPs go for used but they are very good for multi disc players. The Sony 777s are good and the audio notes are good in the price range.
Why not a McIntosh player? The MCD205 (6-disc bank) is awesome. Hard to find used though ($2500 new, I think). It/They would look great with your new integrated (congradulations on your fine choice BTW).

Otherwise, check out the Sony SCD 555ES or 333ES. Both are 5 disc carousel. You can look at the 777ES too but it is single disc. I own an 80ES changer that has been flawless in sound and quality for years and it works very well with my McIntoshes. Arthur
I have an Ikemi with B&W 802 matrix and compared it to the Meridian 588 and some others. In the 2k range (used) I don't think you can do better in either sound or build quality. You'll most likely sacrifice sound quality for the changer if you go that route. I thought the 588 was a little too bright with the B&Ws. The treble is really what kept briging me back to the Ikemi.
Aball, thanks for reply. I was thinking about MCD205 but I haven't found any reviews on it. Seems people just do not buy it. My dealer doesn't have it to listen, they use Adcom GCD-750.

Tony, have you heard Linn Genki? I would buy it new.

I start thinking that CD Player is better to buy new.

Thanks guys
Dear Konstantin,

I had the same situation. I too have the McIntosh 6500 integrated (great piece by the way). I was looking for a CD player. I purchased A sony 555es SACD and sold it. Good but not superb. Next I bought a used YBA, also good but not quite there though, and sold that (got tired of 2 remotes and it's function.

I bought the McIntosh MVP-841. The sound was better than the previous machines, the remote functions were integrated into 1 controller, I can also play DVD's, and the system is well matched visually and sonically. I never thought the 841 would play CD's like a truly high-end player, and I took a very expensive "chance". It was worth every penny, and I highly recommend it. Hopefully your McIntosh dealer will allow you to take one home for a demo.

Hope this helps & Good Luck
The MVP841 is MUCH MUCH more common than the MCD205. It is not a matter of no one buying the 205 but that DVD/CD is way more popular currently than a 6-disc CD-only music bank. I have never seen a 205 despite going to dealers all over the place. They will forever be uncommon - thus, Hififile's advice may be better than mine. As soon as I can afford it, I will be going with a McIntosh CD to replace my Sony ES too.
Sorry, I didn't hear the Genki so I can't compare. I do think you can get a good deal on a used cd player if your careful. If you can get a dealer demo for instance, you'll still get the manufacturers warranty in most cases. With electronics if anything is going to break down, its usually early on.