CD player for heavy metal up to $400

Share your thoughts, please.
Thanks in advance
Used Oppo, Cambridge, Marantz
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At your price point, +1 on the NAD.
Consider an Emotiva ERC-3 (new). $100 over your budget but well worth it.
You might look into the Marantz 5005 or 5006. Check out Music direct. 
NAD 516 BEE great all around player!
a NAD BEE cd player, as well as, older Pioneer Elite and Sony ES.

Happy Listening!
I didn't know CD players were genre-specific.

You could always try a "heavy, metal" unit.

I suspect for that price there will not be a huge SQ difference between different players.
I didn’t know CD players were genre-specific.


The Emotiva I recommended is metal and so is the remote :)
If all the OP listens to is heavy metal, a $29.00 Bluetooth ought to do
the trick, and he can use the savings for hearing aids