Cd player for DK Design MKII, Jolida 100, of ????

I am looking at buying a new cd player for my DK REF MKII. So any help would be great::: Here are the players i am looking at, A Jolida JD100a ,Rotel RCD-1072 or the Music hall Maverick.
Just want to know it these units are ok and how they sound. I am torn between tubes,SACD playback. Or just stick with the regular Rotel.

Thanks for your time.
Robrt G .Sprout
buy yourself a marantz 8400 excellent redbook ,sacd and dvd dvd audio they sale reasonable on gon i bought one somtime back and love it
I also own a DK and I use a Marantz 9500 as a source. The DVD-A is wonderful and I enjoy this format on this player the most. The SACD sound on this model is much better then the SACD on the lower model #'s. I think I started with a 7600?? By moving up to the 9500 it was the SACD sound that had the largest improvement. The 9500 has a nice detailed redbook playback but lacking the defined mid bass of a really good CDP. I use a mod Onix CDP for real intense critical listening sessions. If you are interested I know that Underwood HiFi sells a moded version of the new Marantz 9600 as well as some other great moded CDP. The main advantage of this player is you get to enjoy all 3 formats.
Finally if price is not an issue I did get to demo a Linn 1.1 universal player for 4 days on my system. While both the DVD-A and SACD were outstanding it was the redbook CD's that blew me away. I was listening to Pink Floyd Animals with a friend who is a Floyd fanatic and he kept insisting that I had some new remastered version. We had to go play the CD in his car so he would believe that it was the same CD that he knew so well. Really quite remarkable.
Hope this helps SonicBob. Please post what you decide. Also what speakers are you presently using?? What power cord for the DK Design??