CD Player for Cary system, pls...

Hello Audio Experts! I have a Cary Cinema 6 pre, AVA Ultra 350 amp, & Marantz CC4001 cd changer system. I want better cd sound. Could I have suggestions for a better single cd player, or a DAC for use with my Marantz? Which way should I go; how much will it cost to better my sound, and which units would you all recommend, please?

TIA! Murf
I must agree with Ozzy.
I have the CDP 1 and it is great!
Plays HDCD,upsamples,has remote and will work
with out preamp. Keep your eyes open for used
(or dealer demo) and act fast. No reason to pay more!
Second the Cary CDP-1,great player that won't cost you an arm and a leg.They do go fast in the used market.
Cary makes great CD players, any several of which will smoke the Marantz.

What are you looking to spend and would you consider used/demo?
Thanks Folks, I would love to get a Cary cd player since I think my pre is so good. But prices are pretty hi, and I haven't seen any for sale lately.
Yes, I definitely want to go second hand or demo (I'm poor). So I would like to see what other players might be a bargain and still better my sound (I am going digital to the Cary pre from the Marantz, using the Cary DAC).

TIA! Murf
There are 2 Cary CDP-1's for sale in the classifieds for $750.00 which is a great deal.No affiliation to either seller,just trying to help.
Darn, that's tempting! But I'm not..quite..ready....
Some folks here like the Rotel RCD-1520; WhatHiFi doesn't, but likes the Marantz cd6003 better. Another review didn't like the Cary so much, a little dull?
Don't know if I want to stretch for the Rotel, but...what do you experts think?
Decisions, decisions....

TIA! Murf
Yes, Cambridge is on my long list, but it seems to be considered "bright". Could be good in my system, though; my speakers aren't metal.
Any opinions on the Bada HD-22 or 22se, pls? It's got a tube ;-0

TIA! Murf
Hello Audio Experts!
Can anyone tell me how much space on top the Rega Apollo needs to open its lid? I hardly see anything bad written about this unit; opinions pls?

TIA! Murf
Thanks all! Just bought a Berendsen cdp2 off Agon! The sound is fantastic...YeeHaa!