cd player for CAP-2100/NHT 2.9 setup

My source component is the weakest link in my system (currently using a sony dvd player) and so I am looking for something better...

Any suggestions for a CD player in $1000 range (willing to go higher if there is a significant jump in quality) that would complement the CAP-2100? I was considering the CDP-100 but the reviews on this unit have not been stellar (some even say that their sister company rotel's CD player is comparable).

Thanks in advance for all input/advice!
I think the older Arcam CD23T would fit your bill very nicely. They can be had between $850-1100 used. There are maybe a few others in your price, but I would think this is one of nicest and it will hold it's value in the used market should you upgrade later down the road.

This I would consider to put on your short list to check out.

Good luck,

By the way did you over hook up the SA3 to Biamp your 2.9's?
I tried the SA-3 route but it didn't work for me. The CAP-2100 alone definitely sounded better. There's plenty of juice on the low end to drive the subs and the CAP-2100 alone was simply more musical...

I will take a look at the Arcam you mention.

In terms of CD player needs, I'm looking for a wider soundstage. I would like to enjoy my Dave Matthews cds as much as the Jazz sounds coming through my speakers. Songs with vocal seem a bit less upfront if that makes any sense... (I know the NHT 2.9s are not fogiving so perhaps this will just not happen because a lot of the digital material just isn't recorded well... I'm just not sure what the cause is)

Will a better source component improve these areas I feel are lacking or do I need to make changes in other parts of the system (speakers, cables?)

Apart from arcam fmj cd23 other cd players that I have read positive reviews about are:

1. Naim cd5i (apparently cd5i is more forgiving than cd5x?)
2. Rega Jupiter 2000
3. PrimareD30.2

I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on which one would be suitable with a classe/nht setup. I'm looking for a cd player that is the most musical (i.e. something that will make both jazz & rock sound musical rather than being overly analytical). I've heard good things about Ayre cx-7 and Cary aswell but I'm not sure how well they do with poorly recorded music (again I'd like a cd player that would not only make good recorded cds sound better but also be more forgiving to sub-par recordings).

All comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated...