CD Player for 2 Channel System

I have recently took center stage (wife,kids, college) and have started to put a 2 channel system together. Recent purchase on Audiogon has been Martin Logan ReQuest, ARC LS15 and Classe CA200 in the last month. I am now looking for a CD Player in 1500+ range. I have been reading about the Jolida with level 1 mods, Cary 303/200, Simaudio Equinox Moon but have no listening experience with these. Our local Hi-Fi stores are basically closed. Thanks Katrina!I am not sure if I need the HDCD our HT has this feature. Listening Jazz 75%, Classical 10%, Rock 15%.

Please send your comments!
That's the great thing about the Gon. You can buy it used and if you don't like it sell it and try something else. Out of the players you listed I like the Equinox the most.
Good Luck.
I'd highly recommend a used Meridian 508/588/G07 or Ayre CX-7 in that price range, around 2k. Getting any better sound/technology requires a jump in about 2-3k (retail price at least). I have not heard many of these two manufacturer's competitors (Arcam, Resolution Audio, etc) but I'm sure they'd also be good for what you are looking for. The difference between a 1k player and a 2k player (used) really does make for better sound.
Well the ARC LS15 did not make it to the door! UPS Lost! I just purchased a LS16 here on Gon. Thanks for the comments. I have also been reading about the Wadia 380...what about this match?