CD player feeding 2 preamps simultaneously

My CD player has both balanced and RCA outputs. Wondering if it would harm anything to run 2 preamps at the same time when a CD is playing. The balanced onto a McIntosh C48 and the RCA into a PrimaLuna EVO 400 integrated. That way I could run 4 speakers at once. Anyone have any experience doing this or any thoughts on whether it would harm my system?


I do this with 2 DACs, the Benchmark DAC3B (company said this is fine), and the Musetec 005 DAC.

I tried to do this with the AudioMirror Tubador DAC and it did not work and the designer also said not to do that.

In your situation it would be determined by your CD player.



Thanks for your response. I’m running the Sony SCD-X5400 ES CD player and the manual didn’t address the issue. So I just tried it and it works. No smoke coming from the system so far. It’s pretty cool A-Bing each amp/speaker combination.