CD player/DVD player/CD Transport recommendations

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I currently have a CAL Labs Delta Transport combined with a CAL Labs Alpha DAC. I also have an Integra Research RDC-7 PRE?PRO. I have been using the DAC's in the RDC-7 mainly, and not really using the Alpha DAC. I am almost to the point of considering to selling the Alpha. I really enjoy the sound of BOTH units, but if I am not using one, that leaves room for upgrades:) I figure, I could sell both of the CAL units and get something better. Either a better transport, Prog. Scan DVD player, or better CDP. Recommendations, or suggestions anyone, either "hear say" or personal experiences would be appreciated.

I am also considering saving up for the Integra Research RDV-1 DVD/CD/DVD-A player
With the proper upgrades, you could use a DVD player (like the Integra that you're considering) for movies and music, and get better sound than what you currently have.

Audience ( does complete audio performance upgrades for virtually any CD/DVD/SACD/DVD-A/LD player or transport available, with performance levels that meet or exceed any ultra high end player or transport on the market. Prices vary between $450 and $3,500 depending on the level of performace you want. A great value.

That said, you can, if you wanted to, just keep your DVD player, and have it upgraded to the performance level that you want, and sell the other player/transport gear.

Give Richard a call (the contact info is on the website) to discuss your options. His favorite model for mods is the Sony DVP-NS 900V (DVD progressive-scan w/Dolby Digital & DTS 5.1 processing | multi-channel SACD | CD player). This player retails for $1,000 and I've seen it for $700 or less on the market.

It can work like this for ANY priced player (even at $200-$300 if the video section is acceptable to you and already has a good transport): buy the player with the all of the features that you want; and with the best cosmetics that you like; then discuss with Richard the upgrades you want; and you can then have a player that plays audio better than the most expensive models.

This is a worthy option that you might want to consider.

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