Cd Player drive 2 preamps?

Wondering if it could be done a tube cd player driving 2 preamps at the same time. Reason is to have seprate preamp for low then hi in a biamp situation
you could use a Y cable to do it. It will work, not sure about degradation. Unless the pre-amps are identical there will be variation in sound. Are you doing this as a way to avoid an active crossover to level match the two amps?
Electrically complicated (unecessarily so, IMO). Instead, place the hi/low crossing AFTER the pre and BEFORE each amp.
Yes to match levels of amps WITHOUT external crossover. Speakers have proper networks built in. Im going to try it and post results 2 preamps that is.
The problem that might surface is whether the cdp can drive ~1/2 the input impedance of the two pres. Interesting experiment!