CD player distortion on all CDs

I've had a problem with a good CD player's drawer sticking all the time. I thumped it a few help. This week got the drawer problem fixed at a local audio repair shop but now when I play ANY CD, there's a great deal of distortion. Once the CD started out fine then in 20 seconds started distorting. Mostly it starts out distorting. I suspect my thumping the top did the dirty trick. What's likely the cause? Laser misalignment? Is it easy for a small-town audio repair guy to fix, or is it likely a new laser assembly is needed? Thanks for your ideas. BTW, I've hooked up 2 other CD players to that audio system and no problem. And the CDs themselves are fine.
Just how hard and with what did you "thump" the top? Just curious.
Get your money back from the 'fixer', dump it and move on.
I wasn't very gentle with the thumping....and I did it several times out of frustration. I hate to dump it and move on. When I bought it, it was considered one of the best under $1,000 CD players. I posted here in 2003 about the stuck drawer problem (it's been sitting idle since then) but I mentioned the brand name in that post, and commented that the brand had a problem with reliability, so the forum monitor removed my message. That brand has cleaned up it quality problems and is a highly popular brand in the lower price audiophile range now.
Cross your fingers--After the problem with the distortion, I took it out of my system for a week or so, then just on a whim, reinserted it into my audio system. This time, the distortion was gone! After a couple hours of listening, it began to skip some, so I shut it down. After a few days, started listening again and so far no problems. I've listened for at least 10 hours with as many of 10 different CDs. So far so good. So I have my fingers crossed that the bugs have worked themselves out of the CD player. It certainly sounds good and I can see why it was called one of the best under $1K CD players back about 10 or 12 years ago.
If it acts up again just give it a good thumpin' ;)
Time to upgrade!!
They get a hell of lot of thumps in transit before you see it . I received a piece of equipment through FED EX and the 3/16 thick heat sink was bent almost flat. Now thats a thump.
Lol, I fix most things with a hammer and some duct tape.
I thumped my Mac Book out of frustration a few times. I now have a Mac Air.