Cd player direct or through preamp?

I was hoping someone could give me an educated opinion on the advantages, if any, of running a cd player straight to the amp, or using a preamp? Is one better than the other? If it is why would anyone use a preamp? Thanks in advance for all your help!! regards,,Jon
Do you have a volumn control on your CD player? Are CD's all you listen to? If so, you should be fine. This will simplify the signal path and save money. Just be sure to have the volumn control set at minimum on power amp turn on and turn off.
There's certainly been quite a bit of discussion on this previously. I would suggest doing a search in the discussion forums for: Resolution Audio Opus 21, which happens to be a CDP with variable out.

And, I agree with Tom if you're simply going to be using CD's and don't want to add other components (tuner, turntable f/ex) then a CDP with variable out should be just fine. Shorter signal path, less expensive.

My system consists of the Resolution Audio Opus 21 direct to Paradigm Reference Active 40 speakers. The setup sounds fantastic! I borrowed a demo BAT tube preamp (VK-31SE) for comparison, and I'll tell you...the difference was negligible.
Advantages can be better transparency,openess,detail.By eliminating a component from the signal chain you remove the extra signal path,volume control,gain stage.In the case of a passive control you eliminate the extra volume control resistor ladder or variac.Simpler signal chains can be benificial.The pre-amp gain& buffer stage can improve the signal for better component match en`route to amp(s).This can yeild better dynamics,control,pace.Passives and active allow more source components like a tuner to be run in system w/o cable shuffling.A preamp with phono stage explains itself,and a multi input passive can allow selection of tuner,phono with phono preamp to be selected by remote or manual switching.If you have a cdp with internal volume by all means try it out maybe post what your amp(s) and cdp are,asking if others found synergy in that combo first if you have doubts of buffering which I understand is of more possible concern in tubed gear.
As mentioned, if all you listen to are CD (in which case I pity you, but that's life) and you have the variable output you should be okay. Have you checked into the output impedence of your CDP, and checked to see what your amp prefers?
I think it's hard to generalize because there are a lot of factors to consider; output voltage of the CDP, input impedance of the amp, quality of the output stage and volume control in the CDP, etc...not even to mention personal preference!

My personal preference with the gear that I own/work-with tends to like using an active preamp. I've had experience comparing the Resolution Audio Opus 21 and Wadia 830 both direct and with-preamps, and in both cases found the with-preamp setup to be more enjoyable to me...more depth, dynamics, and musicality to my years.

Just my opinion...
My experience with my Sony 9000es Modwright cpd, with
built in volume control, it sounds best without using
I had my Accuphase dp75v into a ML 32 pre into my Edge NL12 with my Kharma 3.2FEs. When I took out the preamp from the chain, I was shocked at how the sound improved. The flow of the music was much easier on the ears, with a more relaxed sound, but still full of deliniation of all the music's components. This was a big surprise for me because the ML32 had been a big step up from previous preamps (Threshold T3).
Thanks everyone! It seems the consenses is that with the right components, this can be an awsome improvement!! Its worth a try,, hey,, its what we freaks do! Guess I better start softening up the
Ah yes, the wife factor, making a decision on CDP with pre or without pre is the easy decision...convincing the wife, well that's where the real work begins. Good Luck!