CD Player: Digital-in that passes to digital-out

Anyone know a CD player with digital inputs that will pass that signal through to the digital outputs..?

Source SPDIF Out--->CD Player SPDIF--->DAC
Cambridge Audio 851C. Go to Audio Advisor, look up the 851C and on that page click on the icon for a tutorial video. See also the 850C, the 851C's predecessor. You have your choice of formats of balanced digital input, coax, toslink (I think) and USB. The 851C is described as a CDP/DAC/Preamp.

The Oppo's only have HDMI digital audio in and USB, as far as I know.

Good luck. John
Oops, looking again, I thought you meant passing the signal thru to the DAC. However, if you're looking for it pass thru to the spdif out, I believe I would still start with looking at the 851C. I would contact Cambridge and see what they say, if you need to confirm a digital pass thru.
The CA 840C has "pass through" also. I use this mode when I don't want any internal upsampling.

Much appreciated. Thank you.
I ordered a Teac CD-H750. We'll see how that does the trick. Apparently, Marantz and Cary product will pass the signal though, based on several conversations I had with dealers and the good folks at Cary, but there was nothing "inexpensive" available with an iPOD pass though. I'll be running this Teac unit into a PS Audio DL3 or Bel Canto product...Connected with a Valhalla (overkill, but why not, ea?)